UML290 crashes on Mac + checking firmware version




I have a Pantech UML290 and I am using VZAM 7.3.6 2704b for Mac OS X Lion. I am wondering if L0290VWB333F.230 is the latest version of the firmware for the device, because when I try and do a firmware check through VZAM I get this error:



"Failed to check firmware availability.


The specified firmware is not (or no longer) available on the device"


The reason why I wanted to check for a firmware update is because the modem will regularly "disappear" from VZAM, or, when connected, simply stop responding or receiving packets.


Upon looking in the crash logs, I see plenty of logs where "vzwwirelessd" goes down, report below.


Many thanks!





CRASH REPORT here -- https://gist.github.com/1284441




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