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Tampa FL: 4G LTE down this morning..been spotty for days

I've got this beautiful new RAZR Maxx would be wonderful if I could use the network that is touted so heavily. For the brief day or two that LTE was working, it was great. NOW I see articles mentioning outageS over the past months. And seems to be especially bad this week. I've no idea what's going on, but would appreciate real news.

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Re: Tampa FL: 4G LTE down this morning..been spotty for days
Verizon Employee

Hello littlejoe,

Congrats on upgrading to the Razr Maxx! It's one of my favorite devices on the market! With it's super fast processor, larger battery, and scratch resistant gorilla glass makes a a strong contender in the smartphone market. Upon reviewing your area for network performance/enhancements, I'm showing that 4G service is alive and well my friend! If you are not getting a 4G signal on your device then may I ask what signal are you getting? Are you able to browse the web and use other data service on your Maxx? If not then I have provided some troubleshooting steps for you below:

  • Remove any 3rd party data management apps or task killers.
  • Turn off bluetooth and wi-fi in the Settings menu.
  • Power cycle the device and sim card pull while the device is powered on then re-insert and power up.
  • Check for a software update on the device.
  • Perform a factory reset on the device.

Prior to completing a factory reset, it's recommended to back up all of your contacts and calendar entries. Backup Assistant is an excellent app to save your contacts. Calendar entries can be saved on your Gmail account. Also, pictures, videos, and music can be saved to the memory card. Once the reset has been completed, the device will need to be reactivated and re-setup. There is a brief tutorial on how to setup your device once it boots up. Once the device is setup, please test all voice and data services for functionality. If you are still having issues then please reply to this message with your findings so I can further assist.

Thank you...


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Re: Tampa FL: 4G LTE down this morning..been spotty for days

Thank you for the response. I'll check 4G again later. I've had it

off...cdma only ...for days now, since it was not working properly.

Please note that this is a RAZR Maxx; it is not possible to do a battery

pull. It may be useful to save a couple of versions of the help text. I'm a

geek by trade, but many might get confused wondering how to do a battery

pull on a somewhat sealed device.


- Joe

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