Poor Service - New Issue


Sudden issue with poor service / signal in Carmel, Indiana (west side 46074).  Never been a problem, now all four phones in our plan have terrible service.  

Issue also popping-up on community message boards...

Impossible to get in touch with Verizon Customer Service in chat or on phone live.

Do we just cancel and move to another carrier??


Re: Poor Service - New Issue

Customer Support

BDavid14, we don't want to lose you as our customer and completely understand how important it is to always get great service. We are here to help.


Currently, we are not seeing any reported issues at that location or reports from other customers. Is this an issue only happening when indoors or do you have the same issue when outside? What shows on your phone for the signal strength and type of signal your phone is getting from us?


What model phone do you have? What services are affected on your phone: calls, text or data?