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MiFi 4510L compatibility with WiFi Extender

I decided to see if I could replace my current Ethernet Internet connection with the MiFi 4510L. To do this, I have replaced my router with a WiFi Extender (Net Gear WN200000RPT from Best Buy). There are a few issues, but I was able to connect the networked printer to the extender (via Ethernet), my desktop (via Ethernet), and my laptop (via WiFi).


The first issue is that the LAN connection table for the MiFi 4510L only shows one device connected (the desktop) even though I am currently using the laptop. The laptop's IP address is not listed in the connection table. I just refreshed the page (LAN from mifi.admin interface) and the laptop's IP address is still not present in the connection table. The MiFi device has only one dot showing for the display, indicating that only one device is connected, when actually two are connected. Is this a known problem?


So far, the problem does not appear to be impacting performance. 

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Re: MiFi 4510L compatibility with WiFi Extender

I have just updated to the mifi and I really like the speeds, and I have one ?  I have a wired computer that I am trying to get internet to and I have bought 2 different repeaters and neither one would work.  I first bought a EnGenius 9250 and it wouldn't even show up in my local area connection, kept saying eithernet was unplugged.  I then  got a NetGear wn604 and both Verizon and NetGear said it was incompatible.  So I see you got yours to work and was hoping that you could give me a step-by-step on getting it going.  I will try and do it myself first and will see how that goes but a heads up would be great........thanks......two-dogs 

Re: MiFi 4510L compatibility with WiFi Extender



We discovered in a different thread that the Pepwave Surf works well as a wireless repeater/network extender:


Since the Pepwave has an ethernet port you should be able to connnect through a cable to your desktop and wirelessly to your laptop.  You should also be able to connect your laptop to the Pepwave.  Installation is pretty straight forward with this device.  Turn it on and configure it to repeat the wireless signal of the MiFi and your done.


Otherwise, have you ruled out purchasing a USB wireless adapter?  Giving your desktop a wireless connection may be the simpliest solution here and keep everything consistent. 

Re: MiFi 4510L compatibility with WiFi Extender

Cradle Point's CTR35 can be uses as WIFY for WAN. I have used one and it works great, but I have not tested it with the 4510l. This is different than a repeater because it connects to a WIFI AP and then transmits another SSID (AP)  It is also it's own router so that the 4510l will only see one device connected. It has one rj45 network connection that can be used as a WAN output or WAN input. You could also connect this output port to a network switch and connect other devices. They also make other devices that support WIFI as WAN but I do not remember  what models.

Another device is WIFI Ranger. This can be configured as WIFI as WAN also and has 4 rj45 outputs and one input.


Both of these devices also support some USB 3g/4g devices.