GPS does worked after moving to Verizon




I'm constantly loosing single and GPS location is in accurate. I've tried multiple time on Google map and Waze both doesn't show correct location. It's it's really a big problem for me to travel. 

I'm using Google Nexus 6P. I was ATT customer for 4.5 yes and never faced this problem and not on nexus 6P. When I contacted Verizon customer care they suggested to to buy new phone move back to ATT. Both options are not possible at this moment as I can't afford new phone nor I can move to ATT. ATT plan is expensive than I used to pay and if I buy iPhone 7 used from Verizon coat me 300.

Can anyone help me any possible solution?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: GPS does worked after moving to Verizon

Customer Service Rep

Thanks for reaching out to us. When did this issue first start? TaylorH_VZW