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Re: 4G speed in Salt Lake City

zivojan wrote:

Does anyone know what the average speed is for 4G lite in the SLC area? My 3G connection i soooo slow, i wanna upgrade to 4G. My controct is not up till Februarie but if this slow speed on 3G continues i might just cancel my verizon account and go to sprint instead. They have good 4G coverage here i heard. So what are the download speeds with 4G? Is there any site you can go and check? If the 4G is better then i might stay with verizon if they let me upgrade sooner like around x-mas.




To be honest, I would stay away from Sprint (Clear) 4G. If you are somewhere stationary with good signal it generally works well (and offers speeds ~5 Megs download), but if you are in a moving vehicle (or in one of the many 4G dead zones) you will hate life. Sprint's 3G in SLC is extremely slow as well.


As far as VZW is concerned, I have been quite happy with their 4G coverage and speeds in the SL valley. I usually get between 10-25 Megs download, which is more than enough. Other markets I've traveled to are often much quicker (San Francisco and Orlando come to mind), but these speeds are quick enough.


Where in SLC are you having slow 3G speeds?