Monday, May 25, 2015, I was taking pictures and all was well.  A few hours later I tried to take another picture and found that all I can take is 'selfies' because the camera only faces the phone…
Created a Verizon Cloud account on my computer and my Galaxy 5 phone.  The computer side appears to work as needed in that the documents I want to access via phone are there.  However, when I set the…
in Android
Roughly a month ago my old phone started to really show its age so I decided to borrow a family members upgrade and invest in the iPhone 6. I drove to the store and the sales rep there convinced me…
in Verizon Edge
My husband and i moved to verizon from sprint when our contract with them was almost up. ive heard so any good things about them and we thought it would be good for us, despite the fact that we had…
in Verizon Wireless Services
I sent off my device about two or three weeks ago. I received an email saying that the device was not shipped. I cannot find my tracking number. Where can I track where the device is?
in Verizon Edge
Tap and pay no longer works on google wallet since updating to lollipop.  NFC is turned on and the app says tap and pay is available but when I hold my phone up to an NFC receiver nothing happens. …
I took about four dozen photos last week while on vacation. I use a Verizon Apple iPhone 5c; my wife uses an identical phone, and we used our phones to take all our photos on this trip. We keep our…
in iPhone 5c
I have the Verizon Galaxy S5 with the newest Android version.  I have been having issues with people receiving my texts hours or sometimes days after I send.  At first I thought it only applied to…
in Messaging
I like numerous LG G2 phone owners am having countless problems with my phone since the update.  My phone won't hold a charge more than about 3 hours.  It use to last all day.  Once it goes dead it…
in Verizon Wireless Services
What is error E1300
in Verizon Wireless Services
So I've been thinking about leaving Verizon. It is far too expensive for my data needs. I cannot pay $200/mo to not receive unlimited data. I have found another service that offers $70/mo for more…
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