Every time I call customer service, as the call is wrapping up, I am thanked for being a customer and asked if I'm satisfied with Verizon.  I've had an ongoing technical issue that has not been…
in My Plans & Services
After the new update, it is so frustrating to open chrome and then also my Google Play Store  does not work at all. Please help.KathleenLG G2KBG
in LG G2
I've been a verizon customer for about 1 years, and my opinion of the service has greatly declined. I believe the company has grown so large that they have no reason care about customer service…
in Verizon Wireless Services
I have not been receiving all my text messages and people have not been receiving all of mine. This has been going on for a couple of months! Help! Then today my friend and I got a random text that…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
I was using swipe lock. Then changed to pin.  Wanted to go back to swipe lock and get error which says: turned off by admin, encryption policy or credential  storage.  How do I turn it back on?  I…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
For a NFC lock I have, I need to change the NFC Processing Method but I do not have advanced settings in the menu.  Even though when I click help on the device itself and select tap and pay it says…
in Android
So I switched to Verizon during the November promotion where Verizon was giving $150 bill credit per smart phone line switched from a competing company.  Credit would be applied in 2-3 billing…
in My Verizon
Coverage questions in various forms have been asked here many times, however, I think mine has a twist to it. I live in SW New Mexico and judging from Verizon's coverage map, my ranch is in one of…
in Verizon Wireless Services
I have extremely weak cell signal at my house. I'm in the dead center of 95128, in San Jose. Obviously this doesn't make a whole lot of sense.   Sincerely, Austin
in Verizon Wireless Services
Do you guys ever plan to fix this update. Theres no use for me to use data in my own home because i have wifi, but instagram and facebook and snapchat doesnt give me notifications when i am hooked up…
in Android
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