I went to switch plans before my plan renews tomorrow and now it says there is no money on my account to do anything. I was just wondering if there is anyway for this to be fixed immediately.
in Prepaid Plans
I backed up my call logs and my messages to verizon cloud and I need to restore those back on my S3 phone.  I just recently reset the phone.
in Verizon Cloud
I have blocked some from calling/texting me.  Is it possible to make it so they don't know?  I don't want them to hear the message or receive a text stating that their number is blocked.
in Messaging
I turned my phone on this morning and I saw that I had two missed calls and two voicemails on my phone, but when I go to the voicemail section on my iPhone6 the messages are not there. I checked in…
in Verizon Wireless Services
I have Turbo,I'm looking for the best car charger and suction cup holder for windshield I Drive a truckso it has to hold real well to the windshield, any suggestions?
in Android
After the lollipop update, my speech to text function keeps shutting off in the middle of sentences...anyone have a fix?
in Android
When I set up my account I was told that the other people on my account couldn't break there without Mr knowing now I get a bill for 900 dollars cause they broke there whole family is…
in My Bill
When I click on my contract end date, it says it is a month to month. Does this mean if I want to switch to another carrier I can do so without paying the rest of a contract fee?
in My Plans & Services
I have never, ever in my life as a customer of Verizon Wireless been treated with such distain as yesterday! From multiple CSR's to a Manager who flat out told me his hands were tied in his position.…
in Verizon Wireless Services
in Android
How do I turn on Cortana?
in Nokia Lumia 928
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