My iPad mini suddenly lost wireless connection. I've reset everything with no luck. Any other suggestions?
in Apple
Terrible service.. unusual,, must be a bad tower.. Please check into this   14 Fox Ridge Dr. Orleans, MA 02653
in Verizon Wireless Services
I bought a Verizon Jetpack and a $90 10GB card at Walmart today. When I hooked every thing up and set up my account, it lists my data plan as 3GB. How do I get my other 7GB registered to my account?
in My Verizon
I have a galaxy S5. I can use internet get date use texting everything 100% except when I try to make a call it doesn't even go off the contact to the calling screen it just reboots. When receiving a…
in Android
Can someone from Verizon please help me with this?  Every time I call, I don't get a resolution.  I can PM you with all details.  Thanks!
in My Verizon
When I send a message from the Verizon Messages website on my pc, my sent message does not sync with my phone (Samsung Note 3). Sent and received from the website show up on the website, but sent…
in Messaging
I recently upgraded to the S5 and for a few weeks, it was working perfectly.  But now twice in three days, I've had a call come in where it doesn't ring, doesn't show as a missed call, but I get the…
in Android
My friend does not recieve my text messages even sitting next to each other? I receive theirs. I have Verizon, they have AT&T. We are not blocked on each others phones. We both have 5 bar reception.…
in Android
Using default text message app, i see all contact pictures.  Using the Verizon Messages app shows only some.  Cannot figure out why some show and some don't.  Brand new GS5...
in Android
My Samsung Galaxy S4 mini will not connect to my 4G jetpack.  Why?
in Android
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