I  can't get my old phone(driod M  to Cloud pair w/ new (Galaxy S5). I have been trying for hours. Both conn'd to my wifi w/ a good signal. I need to transfer my content.
in Android
So I was listening to my music on my iphone and it randomly started speeding through the song like I was fast forwarding it(I wasn't, and the screen was black because I had locked it). During this…
in iPhone 4
Hello, I am using a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note II model number SCH-I605. I use to travel a lot for work outside US and when I am abroad I use many different SIM cards. My Verizon phone abroad is…
in Android
When new, the E815 would run for 8 days in standby. In the last year or so, the phone must be charged every 3-5 days. I bought a new battery, but it didn't help.   It also often makes the sound it…
in Basic Phones
When I make call and person answers they can't hear me ralk
in Android
Any idea how to get my visual voicemail working on my 5s? I was not aware that the phone came with this feature til someone showed me on their phone. When I press vm button it calls vm instead of…
in Apple
Long story short, I have a line on a verizon account that is not eligible for an upgrade anytime soon. The phone on that line is broken and there was no insurance on the line.   I am going to buy an…
in Apple
I tried to unlock my Note 4 with the finger swipe - failed 4 times and now I at the enter PIN and it is failing - only 4 tries left till wipe.  Suggestions????
in Android
My 928 drops internet sharing after only a few minutes. The phone says it is still sharing, the devices say they are connected, but the signal is gone. I can restart the sharing and it will work for…
in Nokia Lumia 928
I currently don't have anything backed up to the cloud except contacts, messages, and calls, but it is showing that I am using 2.7GB of storage which doesn't leave enough room to back up my music. …
in Verizon Cloud
I have an iphone 4s that a friend is using. Whenever anyone tries to leave a voice message it says the mailbox is full and cannot accept anymore messages. He has erased all messages but we keep…
in Apple
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