Dropped my Droid into the water how do I dry it
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How to i delete files in my downloads, have several PDF's,  this is on droid ultra...thanks
in Android
Why does my phone keep going to 1X and often times, I'll look it it and it will say No Service.   I am paying a pretty high phone bill to not receive service.  I live in a major city (Dallas) and…
in iPhone 5
I run a group of massage therapists and we receive texts from a website when appointments get booked.  Last week all verizon accounts stopped receiving those texts.  We have tested the website and it…
in Verizon Wireless Services
help please   It has become imperative that I access my sons text messages. How can I do this? The account is in my name and I am the account manager. URGENT!!!! Help!   Subject shortened.    …
in My Verizon
Just had a terrible interaction with customer service about the edge program. My line is eligible for an upgrade and I did some research and decided that the edge plan sounded like a good idea. I…
in Verizon Wireless Services
I travel daily to Chicago (NW line) My hotspot frequently disconnects and has poor connectivity.  I attributed it to many users and I would have to live with it.  However, I rode back with a friend who has a TM hotspot and he had no problems.  We did some experiments, he tried mine and saw the same thing. I tried his and had excellent connectivity w/ no drops.  What is Verizon doing to resolve this?
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I have the big defender otter box case on my iPhone 5 and today i was holding it at waist height and dropped it onto gym floor. It landed on the front screen and when I picked it up it was shattered,…
in iPhone 5
About a month ago I signed up for the Verizon edge program not knowing much about it. I was told by the sales rep that after 30 days I could upgrade when ever I wanted and I wouldn't have to pay…
in Verizon Wireless Services
was told no extra fees....behold another lying cellphone rep! remove them as promised by your rep why does verizon condone lying to customers?
in My Bill
New Verizon user with Galaxy S5.   Looked at my router list today and I see "Jim's Chromecast" in the list.   Why?  I don't have a Chromecast.  Is this something new with KitKat that it assumes…
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