I don't understand why I am having to pay a $40 a month access fee for a smart phone that is like 4 years old when I am already paying $80 a month for my package. I understand on my new phone but on…
in Verizon Wireless Services
I can download and install Messages+ from the Google Play store on my phone.  The application launches, and gives me the "Go Beyond Text" screen.  I click "Get Started" and it briefly flashes "Please…
in Android
I have an unlimited data plan in which I have had for as long as verizon has had broadband cards. I want to upgrage my 3G device to a 4G device without loosing my unlimited data plan. How can I do…
in Verizon Wireless Services
How long does it take for things to be back in stock online? Just wondering since I saved my cart online but two of the three things in my cart are out of stock.
in Verizon Wireless Services
I am a servicemember currently stationed in South Korea. Verizon took a payment from my bank after my account was suspended so I now have a negative balance. I would love to call Verizon, but I am…
in My Verizon
Hi,     When would it be best to terminate my contract when the bill is due on the 10th of every month but the billing cycle ends on the 15th of every month w/o having to pay for the next month? so…
in HTC One M8
I newly activated on 2/6/2015 with a $400 deposit since I don't have any credit. So, my billing cycle would start on every 6th and I thought my first bill was due on 3/6, but found out that it was…
in My Verizon
on the news a few days ago it statd that verizon was giving a discount of 10 dollars for each device on a persons plan with verizon.. how and when do we get that
in My Verizon
I've got an old smartphone data plan that was rolled over from the times when people paid for minutes/texts separately. It breaks down to: $39.99 month for 450 minutes (I never come near it) $10…
in My Verizon
i opened a new account yesterday with an "authorized dealer" because I don't have a corporate store near me and they neglected to mention to me that the phone they were getting from another store was…
in My Verizon
I have an unlimited data plan and although I have WiFi at home, I would like to tether my laptop when I am out. How do I add tethering to my plan online? Thanks for the help. DJ
in My Plans & Services
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