In my old Droid X, I could find a spot where I could delete email addresses that were saved in my phone automatically (when I receive an email that was sent to a group of people, all the addresses it…
in Samsung Galaxy Note II
How do I get my pics from my old HTC Thunderbolt to my new Samsung 3 note? I had cloud backup my old phone and it successfully uploaded all my pics. However, there is no way for me to download them.…
in Samsung Galaxy Note 3
I upgraded a feature phone to a Samsung S3 a month ago.  I got the phone from Verizon.  I followed the instructions that came with the package regarding activation procedures and it failed.  It also…
in Samsung Galaxy Note 3
   I use an app called  Safe Notes.  I store info in that app for use at a later time.  Naturally I was able to download the Safe Notes app from the Play Store, but is there a way to transfer the…
in Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Got the Galaxy Gear and really like it a lot. However, one thing bugs me. It's a great conversation piece, and the sound quality is quite good, but it's a terrible time piece. At least once a day it…
in Samsung Galaxy Note 3
I have a Note 3 and I've been told by Verizon’s Technical Support in a conference call with Samsung Technical Support that Samsung Knox app is not supported Verizon Network. It supposed to be…
in Samsung Galaxy Note 3
On The Note 3 why does USB3.0 only work in Airplane mode on Verizon?   I need USB3.0 and NO Airplane mode, which works apparently for other carriers. Am I doing something wrong ?
in Samsung Galaxy Note 3
I recently switched from the Note II to the Note 3 and for some reason all of my contacts and apps ported over, but NONE of pictures and videos did.  I have NEVER had this issue when switching…
in Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Any app i want to download asks for permission to access phone call, read status and identify.  Anyone know what this means or any concerns with it?
in Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Bought a Verizon Note 3 last week and have had serious problems with disconnection and reconnection to wifi. I have been all over forums looking for an answer and have found nothing but tons of…
in Samsung Galaxy Note 3
have gone into apps settings motion and gestures and turned air gesture on as well as all the other gesture buttons. none of it appears to work. anyone have this same problem and have you found a…
in Samsung Galaxy Note 3
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