I am a verizon member, but for last couple of months, I only have the option to sign on to Xfinity.  I can't even get to my personal WiFi at home.  Anyone else with this problem.?
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I am also very disappointed that Verizon would trick customers into the Edge program. We have been with Verizon for more than 10 years with 5 lines as well as a business line. We spend over $400 a…
in Verizon Edge
These Are Roads that are traveled Frequently. If there were More Cell Signals Availalbe then maybe the people in this Accident (see article link) may have been able to get HELP Sooner!!!! Really…
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Anyone know how to make your comments & questions show with Screen Name, not real name??
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I just got the new galaxy  s6. I can't go on the Web and be on the phone at the same time! My s4 did. Does anyone else have this problem?
I am really upset that this has obviously been a known issue for years, yet nothing has been resolved per this forum. My boyfriend & I just discovered this today when I had responded to something he…
in Messaging
I had the fingerprint swipe set. Today it couldn't read my fingerprint and locked me out. I forgot the password to reset. What I need to know is if I can either recover my password or at least…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
I have to shut my phone off to get my email to come through? Blackberry Q10. Any ideas on how to correct this?
in Q10
I'm having this problem using an S5 and the message+ app
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
My husband has a Samsung galaxy s3 he's had it about 2 months. Yesterday it started roaming. He cannot text or receive or dial calls. Nothing works. When we called Verizon they said his phone is on a…
can you help me in general but mostly provide all the particular bits of information I need to correctly manually set up sync for my htc exchange my phone is an HTC One m8. << Private information…
in HTC One M8
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