I was told twice two different days that I could keep my existing $45 everything plan as my wife upgrade to a smartphone. I was told that I could call customer care order my phone and they can keep…
in Verizon Wireless Services
I went to the Verizon store in Brooksville, FL last Monday morning to purchase a new phone.  I was told there would be a 20 - 25 minute wait.  After 30 minutes I checked to see if my name was still…
in Verizon Wireless Services
I heard reports that the download booster in the Galaxy S5 has been disabled. Can anyone confirm that news?
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
Last night, I was messing around with the Samsung tv remote control app and got it set up to work with my tv and DirecTV box. Awesome, right? The only problem is that now my lock has giant controls…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
sorry cannot reply via computer but can reply as a new thread. To the last poster, the iPhone may not be as big a screen as some androids but it is a far superior device. I have owned both. My wife…
in My Verizon
I can't reply to any thread with a PC and I have read that some can reply with mobile devices but not with a pc some can start new threads but not reply to threads.  It looks like VZW has struck back…
in Suggestions for this Community
I am having real problems replying with my account. I cannot reply to any messages. I get an error about already being logged on something like system 30 error. I had my screen name changed and…
in Suggestions for this Community
Since they did the update to the forms a week or so ago, I am unable to post replies.  I canstart new threads, but unable to reply.  And now I cannot even sign in on the mobile site.  Are they going…
in Suggestions for this Community
I have heard mixed answers, and have stayed actively searching for answers on the android forums, but still nothing. I know verizon is usually a little delayed so that is understandable. If anyone…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
My Samsung Network Extender worked for years.  I switched away from Verizon only to find out it won't work when my phone is on another network.  I have since switched back to Verizon and now my…
in Network Extender
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