My husband has a Samsung galaxy s3 he's had it about 2 months. Yesterday it started roaming. He cannot text or receive or dial calls. Nothing works. When we called Verizon they said his phone is on a…
can you help me in general but mostly provide all the particular bits of information I need to correctly manually set up sync for my htc exchange my phone is an HTC One m8. << Private information…
in HTC One M8
I want to check my eligibility to qualify for the EDGE Program.    was told a week ago I would receive an answer to the question but have not heard from anyone with Verizon.   Please advise.  I need…
in Verizon Edge
Does anyone else keep getting these?  I keep getting phone calls that show they are from New York, New Jersey, California and North Carolina at all hours of the early morning and midnight/1 a.m. …
in Verizon Wireless Services
My husband did the recent update on his Samsung S5. He has been frustrated since. I have decided on holding off on pressing update on my phone. How do I get the notification and pop up telling me…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
Video's seem to start playing automatically. How can I stop them from playing without me choosing to do so?
in Android
My Jetpack says wifi is disabled.  How do I enable it?
in Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot
my note 4 will turn off whenever it feels like it. When trying to turn it back on it has a faded screen and then turns back off.  To fix the problem I have to remove the battery and rat the phone.…
in Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Can't download madden mobile to my tablet. Ellipsis 7
in Verizon Ellipsis 7
Hi-I am new to this and thought I had already posted a question but do not see it anywhere! So here goes again-I have an iPhone 4s and have already blocked incoming texts and calls from a certain…
in iPhone 4S
How long does it take for things to be back in stock online? Just wondering since I saved my cart online but two of the three things in my cart are out of stock.
in Verizon Wireless Services
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