so I've been with Verizon Wireless going on about 2 years maybe I spend approximately on guesstimate about $400 an average for two phones and a tablet. most of the time it's closer to five but I…
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you owe me, can you send the money back that you owe me on my closed account? Welcome, patrick   Account No. (removed) >> Edited to comply with the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service <<    …
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I am selling my iPhone 5s and when I erased all content and settings, my phone number still appears. How do I deactivate everything altogether so that the person won't see my number when they get my…
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Last fall I received a text message and picture that I did not save to my phone and accidently deleted.  how can I recover this?
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I damaged my sim card while trying to remove it from motorola droid. How do i get a new one? It seems like sucha simple question...i went to verizon store they said I need an state ID to get a new…
I'm on a family share plan with 3 lines. My line still has an unlimited data plan, and is eligible for an upgrade. My family member's line is a basic line, no data plan, but he is looking to upgrade…
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I am wondering about this for personal reasons. If yes, how can a person delete certain entries? Thanks in advance for any help..
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does snapchat and twitter use up that much data?
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my wifes cheating on me can I get copys of the texts and pictures being sent from her phone its in my name
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Hey all, I am also experiencing extraordinarily high data consumption by the iPhone 6 on my 12 gb, four (4) phone family plan.  Here is a snapshot of data usage from the Vz Wireless “My Account”…
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So I am just wondering which case would be the best for the iPhone 6. I know that there are plenty of different cases out there. And I would like to get one that doesn't limit the use of the phone.…
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