My wife's iphone 5C gets extremely hot almost every day now. We have updated operating system as a fix, but it has not kept it from getting extremely hot.
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is anyone having issues accessing their online acct
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Is there any way to recover a deleted text message on my IPhone 5?
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My iPhone recently got smashed and I've been receiving some very important messages that I cannot view. Is there a way to log on and see my phones messages from a tablet/computer?
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Espanol shows on Profile not English version
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Great day!
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I am extreamily disapointed in your customer service. I have been a loyal customer for a while now. I have called customer service to try to resovle my problum, and I get no where with anybody. My…
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I have a 15 gigabit plan that I never use to come close to using...the last two months I have went over...can anyone tell me what uses up so many gigabits? Thanks!
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My wife's 4 and my daughters 5C did the same. I called customer service and was essentially told "too bad, if it's in your house we can't really help that". My wife was able to call *228 and her…
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We have a shared data plan with multiple devices, I would like to take their phone off my plan....what options do I have?
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The equipment charge is based on two years from the time of the purchase correct? Because if that's the case then Verizon is charging people like $1200 for an average smartphone. Last time I checked these things are only around $600 brand new.

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