Verizon Wireless continues to get worse.   I ported out a phone number to my son when he turned 18 and was charged $300. 4 phone calls later and now I have an irate husband who is now disconnecting…
in Verizon Wireless Services
Is it possible to add an additional phone number to the same mobile device? ( iPhone 6 )
in My Verizon

How do I see who have been calling my little brother

in Dropdeadboi's status updates
I click subscribe to ring back tones and I get "System error occurred and the order was not processed at this time. Please try again later. Code: SCM248" How do I fix this?
in Apple
Looks like after 9 years as a loyal customer to Verizon, I will now have to switch to another provider! I've been dealing with customer service since January on a couple of issues and have gotten…
in Verizon Wireless Services
how can i see if if someone is receiving my text messages. i know they have been sent but i need to know if they r being received
in My Messaging & Media
I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and a Netflix subscriber. Also, have unlimited data which works great with apps that require streaming. Lately, I'm having connection issues with Netflix and Verizon.…
in My Verizon

Have payment scheduled for 5/15. Which is a week late. Want to make sure I have no service interruptions. Please Advise. Thank You.

in Irish1124's status updates
I have two iPhone 5's at the 21 month mark of my 24 month contract - but my account online is telling me that I can't upgrade now until the 24th month.  My phone is shot!  It will not hold a charge…
in My Plans & Services
I want to trade in my phone for another
in My Verizon
I am very disappointed and upset, seriously considering leaving Verizon with all my 3 lines. I upgraded my lines and on one of the lines I got an S6 edge . 4 days later, the phone's rotation stopped…
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