The latest system update has totally screwed up my phone. I have apps that I use on a daily basis, and now, to get them to work, I have to go into settings, force stop, and then go back into the app.…
Since this morning, every time I open my phone, I get the pop-up for the upgrade. So I did a little reading. . .   After everything that I have read, I DO NOT want Lollipop on my phone!   I have…
In my Galaxy S4, i have android 4.4.2, when I am trying to update getting message - Software update is temporarily unavailable. Try again later. How can i update to latest os?
Very curious to hear from anyone that experiences problems with this update and if or how they were able to fix them?   Thanks!
I have used several file apps and can't find my bookmarks.  With Chrome I can find a few, but not nearly all the bookmarks.
My Samsung S4 will intermittantly stop allowing outgoing and incoming calls.  I hear the hookup sound and then nothing.  Those I call also get one ring from me on their phones but never connect.  If…
When is the Samsung Galaxy S4 getting the Android 5.0/5.0.1 Lollipop Update?
Had my S4 almost 2 years. Have decided if Verizon includes bloatware on the S6 I will not upgrade and will probably cancel my service. Thoughts?
My Galaxy S4 recently received the NG6 update (update_SCH-I545_NC5_to_NG6).  Ever since the update, the battery is draining substantially faster than it did before, the phone occasionally gets really…
My phone continuously fails to apply the latest update. From what I've read that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The bad thing is that last night was the second night it has awoken me from a deep…
About once a week I wake up to find my phone totally dead with no charge at all even though it was charged fully when I went to bed.  Any suggestions?
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