Switched from Motorola Droid Razr Maxx and now need to sync my contacts.   Cannot find a way to access Backup Assistant Plus either from my S5 or from the web.   Any ideas?
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Just ordered a Galaxy S5 yesterday....it should arrive Friday.  I just read today about the camera bug that is only on Verizon.  What's the deal and what is VZW gonna do about it?
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Done with Verizon, my mind is made up to take my 2 lines to T mobile. It is pathetic that the small carriers are already giving the update to their customers and the largest carrier with the most…
I cannot upgrade our phones until May but thats what I wanted to buy!
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I did a search and didn't see any other topics related to this issue in the forum (forgive me if I overlooked something). I am also having the same problem with my email icon and I'm not sure if it's…
I was just wondering when the Samsung Galaxy S3 will receive the android 4.4 kitkat update.  Samsung has said it was going to update the S3 to kitkat, but did not specify a time frame.  I was…
My Galaxy S4 (only purchased in November) won't turn on at all.  I am using the original charger and I have tried the hard reset steps listed in previous threads but nothing is happening at all.…
How do you track which apps are using the most data? I just switched from a Droid 4 to the S4 and received a notice that over 75% of my data has been used in under 3 weeks. I never received this…
I recently had a phone replaced and can't get the music from my sd card to load to my phone and show up in my library in Google music. How can I get this accomplished?
I recently purchased a S4, and I've been getting intermittent Sim Card errors, they usually don't last long about 2-5 seconds, but its typically when I'm in the middle of talking to someone on the…
I've been able to make a call using a Plantronics Legend bluetooth headset connected to my Samsung S5 as long as the screen is unlocked.  However, when the screen is locked, nothing seems to happen. …
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