I accidentally deleted a very important recording from the voice recorder app on my phone. Is there any way to retrieve that if it’s been deleted?
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
I can't say for certain, but I just checked for a system update and I have one. 12 minutes from now I'll find out my fate.
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
Last night between about midnight and 6am, while I was sleeping, my phone suddenly downloaded over 4.5 GB of stuff.  My normal data usage is only about 500-700 MB per month!  Any ideas why a phone…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
Customer service at Verizon is embarrassing.  After trying to reach someone for over 1 month at Verizon, I have come to the absolute conclusion that you don’t actually ever want to talk to someone…
in Android
My Galaxy s5, which I've had since November, is only sending half my text messages all of the sudden. The half that do send take a very long time. And I'm not getting a confirmed delivery receipt…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
I'm tired of the flaws of 5.0 and need a change.  Why is Verizon so slow at updating the S5 to 5.1 when so many other phones and service providers have it?
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
I just got a replacement Galaxy S5. The basic visual voicemail will not activate. How do I get basic visual voicemail to work? The free version worked on my old phone.
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
So I read today that Verizon is pushing out a minor update today?  Where is it?  Does it have any bug fixes or is it just more of the same old same old from Verizon laced with more useless bloatware?
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
i had a program on my comp at home that I could down load pictures from my phone to the comp.  I think it was like  key  something,  can you help
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
My family guy app ALWAYS crashes within seconds of playing it (my iPad doesn't do that with that app), it's really annoying been going on for 6 months.  I ended up deleting the app, among other…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
My grandson's phone all of a sudden is asking him for a backup pin and he never was prompted to create one. Now he can't use his phone because he cant get past the initial window that requires the…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
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