Check on Monday for the s4 4.4.3 update on Verizon!!!  Just heard some insider information!!!
Why are Verizon's HTC One and the Moto X getting the Kit Kat Update and there is no word regarding the "Flagship" S4
I am re-creating this thread because the old one: Verizon Galaxy S4  4.4 Update (KitKat) is locked.   Every other U.S. carrier has had KitKat 4.4 for over a month on the Galaxy S4 except verizon! On…
I have just received a replacement phone (galaxy s3). how do I restore my pictures and videos?
My Google GPS is not working in California or New York. GPS keeps searching and dropping all the time with the latest update of Android 4.3. I took my phone to a verizon store and the sale man took…
I've had my Galaxy SIII for awhile now and have had no connections problems.  I'm suddenly dropping calls left and right.  Any help out there?
My s3 mini will not stay connected to my home wifi network. All other devices on my network have no issues. Do I have a bad phone?
In February there were ads on TV and on Verizon website about Getting S4 free after rebate and trade in. Purchase online for $150 and get $50 rebate and automatically get $100 trade in value on…
I have a 32G Sandisk SD Card in the G4 mini but one day the phone said the card was blank and unsupported.  I purchased another SD Card and installed it however the phone does not recognize that I…
I know there are 5.1 million posts regarding the awfulness that is/was the 4.3 upgrade ... has anyone found any REAL solutions to the residual problems? The battery drain has made my phone…
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