How can I stop this message from coming up on my phone screen when I turn my phone off and back on again it says Notifications Voice Mai UpDate
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
The lollipop update destroyed my S5, it is completely useless. Here are some of the fun things I've been experiencing since the update:   Contacts crashing Photos won't save to the sd card…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
At upgrading from KK to 5.0, my phone was running hot, battery drained quickly...all the horror stories everyone else complained about.  Two days letter, the S5 is running better under Lollipop than…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
If you have the s5, and you were one of those people who clicked yes on the install for lollipop 5.0, you are not alone! LESSON LEARNED. note to self: DO RESEARCH BEFORE YOU CLICK YES on another…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
Like most of you the update to lollipop has been disastrous. I have not done a factory reset, that is the only "troubleshooting" I have not performed since installing this disaster of an update. I'm…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
Verizon email fails to send when connected to wifi. If I turn off wifi, the message can be sent. I had same problem with previous Samsung device and now have with my S5. Other email apps like yahoo…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
I updated last month to the new Lollipop and have had no issues at all. A few thinks look different but everything works and the battery life is the same. I'm not normally the lucky one but it sounds…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
Hi,   I'm using the stock messaging app; when I send a MMS taken with the camera, its quality is just fine. However, when I receive a MMS (whether it be from other S5's or iPhones), its quality is…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
I cannot forward text messages on a Galaxy S5 running Lollipop via the stock messaging app, Textra, etc. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? How can I fix this???
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
I updated to lollipop and have had nothing but issues- battery, lagging, wifi disconnect etc.  I cleared the cache, ran a virus scan as requested by verizon.  Still nothing working properly.  To top…
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