Anyone know if or when Verizon will roll out this "bug fix" because there are bugs for sure
in Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Verizon only allows you to keep saved voicemails for a limited number of days.  Is there a way to reset the number of days so you can keep messages saved for a longer period of time?
in Verizon Wireless Services
How do I take a picture of my screen?
in Android
We just purchased a phone with family base for my daughter. I want to restrict all her calls and texts/imessages all the time, every hour of every day, except for my and my husband's phone numbers. I…
in Family Safeguards & Controls
I'm positive that Verizon is committing Fraud.   10 days ago my husband and I switched from Sprint to Verizon and got new Galaxy S5 phones.  While with Sprint, my husband used about 1.5GB of data a…
in 4G LTE
I live in a neighborhood with a fair amount of trees.  During winter we (5cell phones in the family 4-iphone 1-android ) get a couple bars and have chopped up conversations.  Once spring comes we…
in Verizon Wireless Services
Any chance that Verizon will offer the YotaPhone 2 when it become available next fall? The dual screen is one of the most innovative features I've seen in a long time. I would love to have that phone!…
in Android
Points not very valuable:  Disappointed in the Verizon rewards points. When I went to redeem for a couple of items I compared the price with buying outright from Amazon. For example Harman AKG DJ…
in My Verizon
My family is looking to switch from individual sets of data to the shared More Everything plan. Do we need to sign new contracts to do this? We won't be getting new phones, just adjusting the plan, …
in Verizon Wireless Services
I'm on a family plan and currently eligible for a discounted phone as I have had my current one over two years. My mother issued an AOL to me to move me off the plan. If I accept, I assume I have to…
in My Verizon
My old Iphone 4 was dying so I went to the store to get an upgrade.  The service rep said 1) my data usage was low and therefore I could decrease my contract data and have a lower monthly bill 2) the…
in Verizon Wireless Services
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