Verizon,   I have tired for some time to figure out how to activate my Google Play bought Nexus 6 on your network in accordance to C-Block rules. As No rep is able to point me to clearly defined and…
in Android
I have read some other post that make me believe there is a problem on Verizon's side in terms of data. My husband and I both have iPhone 5c and we are currently on the 20gb plan. Even though we both…
in Data Utilization
I am trying to switch between my sg6 and a droid ultra. It keeps telling me to switch the Sims card but the ultra does not have one. I can't figure out how to switch devices. Verizon Wireless…
in My Device
This FORCED updated to Lollipop 5.0 from a working and happy version 4.4.4 Kitkat is unacceptable.  There are now over 1000 complaints just on this forum in the last 3 weeks.  I suggest we all write…
in Android
I just updated my Samsung S5 to Lollipop 5.0 two days ago. Now the heart rate monitor light comes on anytime the screen is on and something is near it or it is sitting face up on the desk. The WiFi…
in Android
I sometimes receive emails from Verizon letting me know of my service lines activities. Sometimes when I click on the buttons I should get forwarded to the site but I don't. I get…
in My Plans & Services
I was paying $160 for 2 lines with 700 minutes, unlimited txt, and 2GB non-shared data.  A complete ripoff, but it worked for me. Unfortunately the other line went over their paltry 2GBs today and I…
in My Bill
Why Verizon do not allow me to roll over mi data month to month?, if I paid for it, I should Be entitled to use it, or not?
in iPhone 4
I was using swipe lock. Then changed to pin.  Wanted to go back to swipe lock and get error which says: turned off by admin, encryption policy or credential  storage.  How do I turn it back on?  I…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
After the lollipo update, the multi window tab disappeared on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Any suggestions.
in Android
I would like to attach two different laptops to a my phones WiFi hotspot, and transfer a large amount of data (20GB) between them. Since this is all local data really, is it billable at all as data…
in Voice and Broadband Calling Plans
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