It says on Droid Life Tomorrow is the Day that Turbo Gets it's 5.1 but I will Caution this as in the Past when Updates are sent out it's Done in Phases   So if it Does Release out.!   Some may Get…
The new Nexus 9 tablet with LTE has been available for several months.  When will Verizon Wireless sell it or provide connectivity to it?  It took 2-3 months to get the Nexus 7 tablet on Verizon LTE…
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I have a Nexus 6 that I purchased from Motorola (long before Verizon released their version of the phone). I know it works fine. Went through a hassle to get a nanoSIM, but that is neither here nor…
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It's been mentioned (tongue-in-cheek) before but I saw this yesterday. I was hoping this website is like The Onion and satirical, but.....    …
FYI FOR VERIZON CUSTOMERS, 1ST Make sure when you ask a Verizon Store Employee if you can disconnect your phone they aren't looking at the Upgrade Date when they need to tell you the Disconnect Date…
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Is there any way to keep the LG G3 Voice Mate from coming on every time my headphone wire jiggles? Extremely ANNOYING! This phone can't tell the difference between a headset and headphones. Every 15…
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I'm trying to formulate a reason why to stay with VZW or go to T-Mobile and save money.   Our account has four lines, two of witch have unlimited data.  When I look at pricing, we can severely limit…
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After 2 years of unlimited dsts with vzw iphone4 my data use never exceeded 6gb, avg around 4gb.  However after upgrade plan and phone,  I'm being hit with dsta overage constantly.   I'm not…
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I have been with Verizon for 15+ years now in many states and now live in NC. I have the More Everything Family Plan with 15 Gigs of Data. I also work for a company that gets a very nice discount on…
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I was told Friday that I would be able to take advantage of a promotion in regards to upgrade.  she said I could trade in ANY smartphone and get 150$ towards a new phone staying on my 2-year.  I put…
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Can I get a refund for the balance on my prepaid account?
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