Is there a fix for "Stagefright"?   Do we have it yet?   Is disabling "Messaging" a valid workaround?
My phone is only a month old and the camera no longer works. Anyone else have this issue and know of a solution?
in Android
Will Verizon release a patch for the recently announced vulnerability of Android phones to hacking via text?  …
in Android
I really hope you guys consider bringing back unlimited data. In 2015 I find it ridiculous that unlimited data is not the standard. In the age of Netflix and streaming services is ridicilous we are…
in My Plans & Services
21 months into a 24 month contract on a phone that is shot. Chatted with customer service and was told to call in and ask for the loyalty dept., since I am a 9 year customer. When I called in I was…
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My iphone 5 stopped connecting to my gmail account, citing a server error. Any suggestions on correcting this issue?
in Apple
I was told that while my phone is no longer contract I am eligible for a 10$ credit on my monthly bill. Is this true?
in My Verizon
WWill Verizon eventually get Samsung Galaxy s6 active or will it always be exclusive to AT&T?
in Android
I had just turned 18 and Thought I was ready to have my own phone plan. About a week ago I started a 2 year contract with Verizon. I have recently lost my job which was the only income I had coming…
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