I have unlimited data with verizon. I am badly due for a new phone, but I do not want to spend the non-contract price for a device. Is there anyway verizon will allow me to buy a phone at the two…
in Verizon Wireless Services
I cracked the screen on my Note 3. I am not eligible for an upgrade on my contract for over a year. Would I be able to purchase a new Note 3 at a place like Best Buy and then use my current SIM card…
in Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Here is a photo I took of our Couch it was done in  Total Darkness  Flash was set on Auto,  ISO was set at 320 all other settings were set at Auto as well.. b33  
The Sony Xperia Z2 has made a serious impact at MWC 2014 and now it is time for it to make its way to the States.  Previously a T-mobile exclusive, the new smartphone from Sony is exactly what…
in Android
Still wondering if anyone can tell me why S4 cant S beam music? I have contacted Samsung a Verizon and still no solution. No  one can seem to figure the issue out. Getting frustrated........ I wish I…
For the past few months, I've been considering terminating service for various reasons: I hate my phone, but had to get it because I didn't get protection for my previous phone (which I loved, but…
in Verizon Wireless Services
How can I check my Daughters text messages?  Her boyfriend is not the kind of boy I want her seeing but she is young and doesn't know what she wants.
in Android
Wondering when the Android OS version will update from 4.2.2 to 4.4 for the LG G2.  Other carriers have updated, when will Verizon release it?
in Android
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