On my Droid Turbo, At the end of a call there is a big loud beep.  (end of call notification)  I need to disable it or turn it down because on headset it is deafening.  I had this exact problem on…
I have a Moto X that keeps showing error of msg not sent. Every time I open or send a text to anyone I recieve this error. Ended up getting tired of it and deleted all messages even those that were…
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I have the iPhone 6.  My incoming calls are going straight to voicemail instead of ringing through.  I need my children to be able to reach me quickly if need be.  I tried a reboot (holding the…
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My new iphone 5C won't connect to my home wifi network.  All of my other devices (including two ipads and an iphone 4S) have no connectivity problems.  I have tried re-setting the phone and entering…
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Why doesn't GPS and other location services work after the NG6 update to my S4.  I have it set to high accuracy and still cannot use navigation because it can never accurately find and keep my…
Traveling internationally, I have a global data plan but was under the impression that if my hotel had WiFi I could use it without depleting my global data plan allowance of 100MB. However, when I…
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Any one else experiencing problems with iphone on verizon?
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How do you get to them on the site?
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