Hi,   How come I can't see all text messages on my bill?  There are few numbers that don't show up is there a reason why? 
in iPhone 4S
I just noticed that my 20% state employee discount is no longer being applied to my bill each month.  Has anyone else had a problem with this?  I don't know how long it has been but I'm going to look…
in My Bill
I added wireless hotspot to my plan. I was told via chat that it would be an additonal $20 per month but when I checked my bill it says $30. I have transcript of chat with Verizon Customer Service.…
in Voice and Broadband Calling Plans
My iPhone5 is receiving duplicate texts from many people which is quite annoying. It doesn't happen all the time but quite often from many sources - commercial, personal, etc. I have ICloud enabled…
in iPhone 5
Is Vzw mobile to a different carrier free?  I know that Vzw mobile to mobile is free
in Verizon Wireless Services
Just upgraded to an S4 over the weekend, and with 20 minutes of using it to stream music to bluetooth speaker, the WIFI gets corrupted.  Have been using my Droid Bionic for this for 2 years with no…
I have turned my preview message off in the text message settings but now I get this box, widget like that show text message. Can I make that blank preview box go away?
My contract end date is 10 January, 2014 and I wanna cancel the service as soon as possible. Right before coming to my country, I tried to cancel the service because but I did not have SSN and I did…
in Verizon Wireless Services
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