Hi,   I ordered a basic phone line for my father in the week of Christmas. Upon opening the box, we found that phone was loose in the shipping box and battery bag was ripped. So, we called customer…
in Basic Phones
Nokia is telling me that they did not furnish the imei on this so called new phone.  I purchased a new phone that failed in a week, I expect a new replacement.  The store says they only get new…
in Nokia Lumia 928
I used to work for VZW up until about 5 years ago. Customers used to be able to upgrade after 20 months with the NE2 credit. And if there was an extreme issues, we could change the upgrade date in…
in Verizon Wireless Services
My phone use to send pictures, but now it won't. The message says I don't have enough memory and that I need to get ride of some apps.How can I fix this
in Basic Phones
Just recieved an E-mail from Verizon stating my loyalty has "paid off" by offering to upgrade me to a smart phone.  Of course there is a $30 upgrade fee and an additional $30 a month tacked on to my…
in Basic Phones
Does the Basic LGVX 8360 have ability to text?
in Basic Phones
I need a new phone.  I want to get a reasonably nice new phone.  I don't want to have to hit the key four times to get an "s".  The Verizon store had only flip phones---just like the one I have.  The…
in Basic Phones
How is this,   for four months  most of my contacts disappear overnight   when I wake up  the ones that were saved, multiply by 10   isn't that great?  I start with 900 contacts,   200 of my original…
in Q10
My family share plan includes a phone for my elderly mother, who lives in a different state. She uses her phone occasionally to place calls, but does not text. Nonetheless, she receives a handful of…
in Messaging
I was a very loyal BlackBerry customer, to the point where I did no research before upgrading to the Z10.  A year in, I saw how few apps were made for BlackBerry.   I got my first iPhone 2 weeks ago…
in iPhone 4S
I downgraded to a dumb phone because I didn't want to afford the data plans, nor do I need them.  I ended up getting the $10 per month data plan (75 MB, the price is almost criminal) because I wanted…
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