Caught this on Droid Life:  that there's a New update for the Galaxy S5 This New Update may be out already if not is should be soon you can read more on the update following the Links Below...…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
Tons of new changes coming to the Community, stay tuned!!
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I'm living in a nightmare with my s5. It was working perfectly before I did the update! I have had to charge it 4 times, 4 TIMES, today. My phone would last all day, now...not so much. My camera is…
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
Out of nowhere my phone keeps putting itself in usb host/dock mode/car mode and I've NEVER used any of these modes. It does this at random, even when the phone is locked so it winds up draining my…
in HTC One M8
If you want to know were the storm chasers are, this App is for you It gives you a Live Map and shows what Storm Chasers are chasing the Bad Weather     I just Downloaded the App and so far it's…
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Can I limit data use on one of the phones on my Verizon account?
in Apple
If you play Guitar and your looking for an App to help in the tuning of your Guitar or other instruments.. have a Look at this App,  looks to be a Good Application the Cost of the App is $4.99 B33  …
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It happened accidentally. Now I don't know how to get it back.
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i have the samsung galaxy s5 and with the new lolliflop update ive been advised to do a factory reset on my phone to fix the battery issue. However i don't want to lose any of my text messages or…
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This phone is a casio c81 4g.
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My phone has autodialed the same number repeatedly over the last several days.  It has happened when I am nowhere near the phone.  Is there a way to prevent this from happening?
in LG G3
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