All of my email accounts stopped working when using the stock email app on the LG revolution.  Before it refreshes it just says server error.  I deleted all the accounts and tried to add new ones and…
in Android
Found out that Verizon is cutting off email from an older phone.  LG Chocolate....  Verizon is also cutting off the ability to hit the email from the web.....   Happy April Fools.....Guess it is us…
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My phone says storage full and I have deleted nearly everything I have on it - pictures, apps, etc.  I reboot after I delete things but I have less available storage than before I deleted anything. …
in Android
checking on shipping and information for 2 galaxy s5 phones
in Android
Customer service has no idea how to delete my account and does not have any idea who to send me to. Jive 7.0 needs an admin to suspend and delete accounts.<According to the help documentation>
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For the past few months, I've been considering terminating service for various reasons: I hate my phone, but had to get it because I didn't get protection for my previous phone (which I loved, but…
in Verizon Wireless Services
Noticed last week that ATT now offers a substantial discount for customers who choose month to month on their contract.  Hoping Verizon will follow suit.  I can save $37 a month if I switch and am…
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how do i purchase a sims card
in Samsung Galaxy Note II
Hi all, I'm sure everyone has heard enough about unlimited data, but I'm trying to figure some things out. My fiance is still on his parent's plan with unlimited data. Come this December he wants to…
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Check on Monday for the s4 4.4.3 update on Verizon!!!  Just heard some insider information!!!
Starting April 17, VzW is offering monthly access fee discounts when your month-to-month account is moved to the MORE Everything plan; offer is available for a limited time.  See: MORE Everything -…
in Verizon Wireless Services
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