How do I set up email on LG Revere 3?
in Basic Phones
The online bill does not explain why my bill is 300.00
in My Bill
I have 3 iphone 6's on my account.  When text messages are sent between them there is a delay, up to several hours.  There is no problem sending messages between an iphone and another phone on the…
in iPhone 6
We have had our Samsung Galaxy 4's @ a year now.  I installed the CLOUD app and get regular updates from backup assistant plus that backup was completed successfully. I noticed today when trying to…
I know this is a peer-to-peer forum and community, but since Verizon CSRs do come in from time to time, it would be nice to be able to applaud the ones who go above and beyond the generic responses…
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When is  Verizon going to fix this issue? Caller Id and ringback tones not working with advanced calling
in Android
I updated my phone now I have lost my voicemail - how do I get that back - I need the messages that were saved!!!
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
I can't seem to find a text backup app for this ever frustrating phone.... I need to be able to print text message history for court. HELP!!
in Windows Phone
I have a Nexus 6 that I purchased from Motorola (long before Verizon released their version of the phone). I know it works fine. Went through a hassle to get a nanoSIM, but that is neither here nor…
in My Verizon
Hello everyone, I were just wondering if there is any some kind of app where you can just sign in to get on forums directly instead of going on Verizon wireless site and sign on twice(one for…
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