I have been trying to upgrade with out getting totally screwed, but that is not happening here locally. The ATT and Sprint are looking very good at this point! They took away the e-mail support and…
in Verizon Wireless Services
This has also been happening to me for the past year plus. I have spent no less than 40 hours on the phone getting shuffled around by Verizon.
in My Verizon
Any idea when Verizon is getting this version?  Of course, I bought an S5 two days ago.
in Samsung Galaxy S 5
Will I really have to say goodbye to Verizon to own and use this cell?   Something about the CDMA incompatibility... something.  
in Android
Hello,        I want to port my old phone number from my verizon prepaid account to my new post paid account, I figured this would be an easy task because it is the same carrier, but it ended up…
in My Plans & Services
I currently use a Kin without data services.  The Kin is a smartphone, but I use it as a feature phone.   The only free upgrade phones I see are smartphones:  can I upgrade to one of these without…
in My Verizon
Hi   I bought an HTC Droid DNA about a year ago on ebay. I'm unable to get the OTA updates, since I live in Israel and don't have a Verizon sim. I've tried contacting HTC, but no solution was…
in Android
REALLY VERIZON!!!!!!! A nearly 2 year old phone is getting kit kat before the Note 3? *** are you thinking??????? My wife and I have already discussed switching to at&t.......it would save us about…
in Samsung Galaxy Note 3
I have noticed that with the "new" smart phones options being released, Verizon seems to be that final carrier to offer these phones. I have asked the question point blank and have tried to research…
in Additional Devices & Products
watch TV is ther a good app for this
in Samsung Galaxy Tab/Samsung Galaxy 10.1
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