All three smartphones run the Android™ operating system, but different versions. The S III and the S 4 have Jelly Bean, while the S 5 has KitKat 4.4.2.   KitKat employs the latest technology to…
in Android
Don't want to put this out there, but it seems the Verizon Live chat isn't available.   For those who preordered, when you check your order history, does it show your preorder and have you been…
in Android
I just went from an iPhone to a Droid and many of my texts are not coming onto the new phone.  They seemed to be all from people who have iPhones but even when I turn off iMessaging on the iPhone, it…
in Android
I just got the HTC One M8 two days ago and I just realized that the LED notification light is not working when I receive messages, emails, etc.  It only works when charging.    HELP!
in Android
I got a new S4 on Monday. Monday night and again last night I left it plugged in overnight. Today I have not made any calls. I did use the phone to send a few text messages but not anywhere near…
Title says it all, good enough to jump in now and get an Icon or wait a little while?
in Windows Phone
I have an lg env 3 cell phone and I am not receiving text messages from my son's iphone. My wife has the same type phone and she receives his text messages just fine. We are both on the same plan.…
in Basic Phones
Not getting any 4G signal...both wife's phone & mine show 3G only, keep searching for wi-fi.
in 4G LTE
I was at target tonight and I decided to purchase a phone it was a $35. Verizon Phone plan.  Went thru the whole process of id and etc. an error message came up to call front office. They told the…
in Verizon Wireless Services
Verizon - my account is in pre-collection status and I did not receive a notification via text, email or phone call as to my bill prior to the final bill.  I received notification of the final bill…
in Verizon Wireless Services
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