I've an S5, fortunately still on 4.4.4.  My contract includes only 1 GB data. To say I'm paranoid about uncontrolled data is an understatement.  12 apps are restricted and 12 more are disabled.  I've…
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This phone will not shut up.. I want it to make noise when I get texts and when I get calls...I had to buy a brand new s4. Which is dumb..there wsd nothing wrong with my old one....and now I cant get…
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How do I "share" or download or save a large Recorded File ( 29:03 minutes long ) from my Samsung Galaxy phone to a computer?  I was emailing the voice recorded files. But this one is not sending…
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When will Verizon release the Lollipop update for the Droid Turbo? Great phone, crappy software. Don't give me the excuse lollipop is full of bugs, I had it for months on my Nexus 4 with no issues.…
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Hi There, I have been searching for this answer from the net to no avail including searching here and skypes forums.   Can anyone tell me now that skype for Verizon has been discontinued on the…
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Whenever I get close to 2gb on my HTC6435LVW i get a message telling me that. I would like to change that because I have unlimited now. Can't figure out how to do that.   John
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I have all these totally useless apps on my Phone, what the hell is Flipboard?, I dont want it, I dont want music or video's or players or browsers, I JUST NEED A PHONE!!!!!!!
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I have a droid maxx that I just got back in October and my headphone jack must be messed up already or something because every time I plug in my headphones the sound of my music alternates between…
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Would like to know if people are still having incoming call problems or have they fixed the problem
Isn't there a way to include other apps as part of the multi window menu?.  It would be nice to refer to my calendar while in another window
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Hi i am wondering when android 4.4.4 will come out for the samsung galaxy s4 because some of my friends have a galaxy s3 with sprint and they already got the update so if you can tell me when this is…
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