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        Your (Verizon's) management of this phone is a disaster:  You have completely ruined it with slow updates, ****** radio, ****** bluetooth, ****** battery management, and neutering Google Wallet off of the device.


        Newsflash VZ: Nobody bought this phone because they wanted a perfect experience.  We bought the phone because we wanted bleeding edge updates and features.  We don't want Isis; We want Google Wallet.  We don't want you to comb through all the code.  We want it the day it comes out.


        I know you will respond with something like, "Hey! Thanks for the excellent feedback! This will help us tremendously!"  You know what would help tremendously?  Stop with the self-fellatiating posts, and click the "Release 4.3 to the Nexus devices" button.  Also, allow ALL the features. I want updates the frigging DAY the new OS comes out.


        Now, for phones that my Mom and Dad buy (Galaxy S3-type), PLEASE QA the software so they don't stroke out when something doesn't work. 


        I hate you Verizon.

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          It has been almost 4 weeks since Google released Android 4.3, and most other Nexus devices, including GSM version Galaxy Nexus, have already received the OTA update.  In fact, my Nexus 7 received the update to 4.3 over two weeks ago.  Apparently 4.3 includes several key improvements over 4.2.2, including better memory management and Bluetooth 4.0.  Please explain why Verizon is holding back the update, and if there is a plan for releasing it over the air.  Thanks.

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            No longer have the SGNexi515; it developed a short in the charger port and smoked two data cables, the battery, and most like the mother board. As no replacements were available, Verizon advised the store to upgrade my phone to the SGS3i535. Now I'm waiting for the 4.3 OTA for it.



            TNReedy from mobile Yahoo-mail

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              Why is everyone so fixated on getting the update released so soon. VZW will release the update when its good and ready. They are not going to release an update full of bugs to everyone, it has to go through inspection and testing first. Calm down the update is coming, though it seems it may not fit with everyone's speedy expectations. 

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                I know they are going to wait, I was just wondering when they were going to.  Or even if they were going to.  I was doing a little research and Android 5.0 is suppose to come out this fall and I read that some companies are just going to wait until then.  That I am also fine with, I am just hoping they are planning on releasing an update to our phones.

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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  I understand why you're anxious to get the same great update on your phone as you received on your Nexus 7, Yamato_Rider. I don't have a date to provide you, but we're always working hard with the manufacturers to get a great update for your phone that won't cause you trouble. You can keep your eyes on http://vz.to/twIwDZ for any software announcements on the Nexus. In the meantime, we're here to help with any questions or concerns you may have. Is everything working well on your Nexus?

                  Thank you

                  Please follow us on Twitter @vzwsupport

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                    Clarkbot, I agree that people should have some patience when waiting for the OS updates. It's not reasonable to expect Verizon to release the updates the same day as Google announces them. It IS reasonable, though, to expect Verizon to release the updates around the same time as the other carriers, which Verizon has failed. The Verizon update schedule has consistently been months behind the GSM releases of other carriers.


                    For other phones, this might be acceptable. The Galaxy Nexus is a device that was advertised as being stock Android and receiving updates much faster. For many customers, myself included, this was the entire reason for buying that particular phone. If Verizon does not release the updates roughly on schedule with the other carriers, it is a failure to deliver what was advertised when we purchased the phone.


                    I'm not asking for Verizon to release updates the moment Google announces them, but I am asking Verizon to keep up with the other carriers. Currently, I cannot recommend Verizon to anyone that wants a stock Android experience or Nexus device.

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                      "Everyone" is fixated on rapid updates because this phone is a "Nexus" device.  Nexus devices are supposed to be developed closely with Google, being the first devices to get the latest versions of Android free of clutter and crapware add-ons.


                      The Verizon version of this phone has consistently received updates months behind the GSM version sold through Google and other Nexus devices.  Google, Verizon, and Samsung all point fingers at each other.  It's pathetic.  If Verizon wasn't willing to provide the expected level of support, they shouldn't have gotten involved in the "Nexus" line.  Google and Samsung shouldn't have gotten involved with Verizon if Verizon wouldn't commit to providing prompt updates for the device.

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                        It's great to see Verizon's customer support representatives responding to this forum. It's nice to know that someone from Verizon is seeing our concerns, even if they are unable to do anything about it.


                        One other complaint I've had about my Verizon Galaxy Nexus is that it came with Verizon-specific apps that could not be uninstalled. The Nexus line of phones are supposed to be stock Android and not have any manufacturer or carrier customizations, but Verizon chose to include some of its own apps anyway. The worst part is that they put the apps in the system folder so that they could not be uninstalled.


                        Verizon, if you're going to include carrier-specific apps on a phone that was supposed to be stock Android, please include them as normal apps so that the users can uninstall them if desired.



                        >>Post edited to remove discussion of rooting/hacking devices, which is prohibited on this forum.  Please review the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service <<


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