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      • 10. Re: Failed text messages
        Verizon Wireless Customer Support


        I see you've tried a number of troubleshooting steps to resolve the device problem!  I would love to help.

        Is this happening with every text you send or is it happening intermittently?  Do you get an error message when this happens or does it appear to be sent?  Lastly, are you using any 3rd party messaging applications?  If so, I recommend removing the application http://vz.to/15iSzVF and retesting.  Please let me know so I can further assist.  Thanks!

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          Verizon Wireless Customer Support

          Thank you for trying all of these steps t-powell2! Your effort is very much appreciated. I was able to confirm that there are no known issues in your area. Clicking on the exclamation point is certainly the right way to resend the message. Thank you for pointing that out. I do not believe that the issue is related to the length of the text message. Have you tried to send a shorter message? Try to turn off WiFi and send again. Are these group messages that you are sending or just a standard individual text? Please share the details so that we can assist better.

          Thank you,

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            Have been having this same trouble as well.  Have done all the steps of rebooting, removing sim card, etc.  MULTIPLE times per day I will click on messages and it will simply say "No Messages", then reboot and they are there.  This is EXTREMELY inconvenient when text is a major way of my communications.  Having to reboot 8 times a day cannot be the norm. Considering what we pay VZW per month i would hope this gets some attention promptly.

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hi Athens888,

              A rebooting phone is no good! I know how important it is to have a properly working device especially text messaging. Let's get this fixed. Thank you for all the troubleshooting that you have completed. The next step would be a Hard Reset on the device http://vz.to/LfV00q to repair any corrupted software. Keep me posted.

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                Thank you for the response.  We have already done the hard reset twice!  The unit does not reboot on its own...it is rebooted so that the messages will show up again and the messaging app will work...if only briefly (rebooted on average 10 times per day).  It is the stock messaging app and there are only a few apps added to the phone.  This is my wife's phone and it is mainly used for texting and a few calls.  Maybe a web search here or there if one of our kids gets on it.  There is something wrong with this phone...i have the same samsung s3 and do not get these errors/problems and mine is used a heck of a lot more than hers.  If you google this problem it is well known and something should be done.  I think we should get a replacement, but we shouldn't have to pay for the deductible considering what our monthly bill is.  I can lease a Mercedes for the same as I pay VZW for cell service!



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                  Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                  I completely understand your frustration athens888. Especially since text messaging seems to be the most used form of communication now days. I do appreciate all you've tried already.

                  How long have you had this S3? Do you know when this started happening? Since you're using the stock messaging application, please try going to the Play Store and download an application called Handcent. Its also a text message application, and its free. Try texting with this app instead of stock app to see if anything changes.

                  Please keep us posted.

                  Thank you,
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                    I'm having same issue - failed text messages....BEYOND FRUSTRATED.  I've rebooted, pulled out SIM blah blah blah and still fail to send.  It doesn't matter if I'm home with WiFi or on the move. The fail seems to happen more with the pics than anything else.  The pics, videos and texts are NOT large files so WHY oh WHY doesn't work??? This issue has been going on for the past few weeks since update.

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                      Sorry for not replying earlier but I have only used the stock messaging app since i got the phone in july of 2012 and it has worked fine. I have now gone to using Go SMS pro and I seem to be having a lot better success. Not sure whey a third party app works better than stock but I am just glad something does.

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                        Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                        Hey there bronxcat,

                        I am sorry to hear of the issues you are having with text messages. I mostly communicate through text messages, so I would be just as upset if mine wasn't working. Let's get you back up and running.

                        Are you using the stock messaging application or a third party application? Are there only specific contacts you are having issues with?  Please place the device in safe mode,http://vz.to/NnpVJG, and try sending a text again.

                        Keep us updated with results.

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                          I am having this same problem with my SIII.  I've read the posts here so here's my information:

                          I live in zip code 55426.

                          I am not using a 3rd party messaging app.

                          I have 3 bars of connectivity. I am in my house on WiFi.

                          I went into Settings-Application Manager but I don't have an All option.  I just have a list of some of the apps on my phone and Messaging isn't in the list.

                          I've tried selecting the red exclamation mark on a failed reply.  One message in particular fails immediately.

                          I can receive texts fine but I cannot reply.

                          I did clear all my threads and powered off the phone and powered it back on.  The replies I had composed still failed.  On a different reply to a test text my husband sent me the clock ran and ran and ran.  While it was running he recieved the reply, but the reply came up as Failed on my phone.


                          Where do I go from here?



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