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    Suspended Line after Swapping Sim Cards


      Hi everyone, how's it going?

      I'm new to this so cut me some slack.

      So I'm having trouble with swapping my sim card between Verizon 4g lte certified devices.

      I was told that my sim card would work on any device that is certified and would only have trouble if devices used different sim sizes.

      I go from a droid RAZR maxx to a Droid Xyboard. Sometimes to a HTC 8X. All of them use micro sim cards.

      Which is the one have, no adaptors are used. So my problem is if I move sim card 2-3 times (within 24 hrs perhaps) I end up with my line suspended.

      Over the phone a representative mentioned the system suspended it for security measures against lost/ stolen service.

      Oh and he was telling me how putting my sim card in tablet was impossible and that was triggering the suspension.

      He said best way was to activate the devices online or over phone. I don't want to activate over phone because of avoiding the extra hassle.

      What the heck, I was told activating different devices was just a matter of swapping sim cards 

      I pay good money to be going through this hassle. thanks all.

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          Well even though the concept sounds cool i'll put it moving the card from device to device probably should be stopped or at least limit it way back to say like.. Use it in one device one month then in another the next month or better yet spread it out to months 4 in one device then 4 in the next and so on..


          One reason i say limit the swapping is the Sim Card is a delicate piece of equipment with lots of information on it and removing and inserting in the intervals that you are is bound to wear it out One other thing to NOTE is that any accidental touches to the Gold area of it can cause erratic behavior in the Device you have it in our fingers have Oil and static Electricity so as i said the less contact you have with it the better off you are..


          On my Two devices which are Motorola Razr Maxx's i'v had the the Sim Card's in one of them for over a Year my second Maxx the card has been in it Now for a Year not once have i removed them and i'd say that is why they run in the Top shap as they do.


          But what i mentioned here is only a suggestion it is up to you to Decide if you want to continue swamping the Card.. Hope this Helped.. b33   Have a Safe 4th of July