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    Nexus camera after update 4.2.2


      My camera will not work.  I called support and ended up doing a factory reset.  It fixed my issue but happened again.  I determined it was my work email.  Good for Enterprise now disables the camera after the update.  It says camera error.  Camera has been disabled due to security policies... Just thought I would let everyone know.

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          Interesting. I will file that in my information to remember section of the memory.


          Does the camera work after uninstalling Good for Enterprise?

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            If you go into setting and remove it as administrator (you have to do this before uninstalling) then it works.  You do not have to remove it.  Just take away the administrator rights.

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              My camera still works and I'm getting used to the new interface. However, I cannot get it to tether properly to any of my computers to transfer my pics and videos to my hard drive. Windows Explorer locks up and crashes while trying to load the camera and   have to reboot my computer to straighten things out. My only option at  this point is to spend a week or so uploading one file at a time to my Google Drive and downloading them to one of my computer hard drives.


              I have had my Galaxy Nexus for over a year now and have had no issues with tethering the camera until after the update to the 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. I've never liked jelly beans, and now I have one more reason! I hope there is a fix coming for this SOON.


              I don't know if I'll be checking this forum for suggestions or answers, so if anyone would like to shed some light or offer up some information, <Email address removed for privacy per the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service.> Thanks!


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