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        I think checking for firmware updates is reasonable. I'd much rather try correcting it from my end if at all possible. I'm not particularly interested in replacing a router that works fine with every other piece of equipment that uses it. I generally use my tablet more at home anyway and it's not a network tablet, just Wifi. When I'm at work is more when I use wifi on my RAZR. Sure is inconvenient, though. It would be a shame to see my data usage exceed just because of something the company did.

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          Granted my modem/router was no longer supported by the manufacturer, and Verizon sold the system up here to Frontier.  However, we now find out in a later post that Motorola dropped some of the hardware support from this version of Jelly Bean although they did support the hardware with my wife's DROID Razr M version of Jelly Bean.  Therefore, it was actually a problem caused by our latest update.


          Frontier would have gladly swapped out my old DSL modem/router with a new unit, but I would have been subjected to a monthly lease fee. 


          That's hardly free.


          I finally went down to Best Buy and purchased a new ADSL modem/router.  Problem solved, and it also provided a solution to a connectivity issue I had with an older Toshiba laptop, Windows 8, and my modem/router.  It looks like Microsoft decided to cut the same corners.  Maybe they're finally dropping support for 811g ??

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            This whole problem started with an update.  It was nothing that any of the

            customers did, or had any choice in.  While, yes, the solution may be

            fairly simply and cheap (but not always free) I still can't believe that

            the company cares so little about helping out.  I honestly don't believe

            that any company could have gotten away with this unless they are a huge

            monopoly, or at least have very little competition.  Yes, I can fix this

            problem myself, but why is it right that just because my phone updates, I

            am no longer able to use the WiFi that has worked before, and that I am

            already paying for.  It's not the end of the world, except for the fact

            that these companies can make these really inconvenient changes at the

            expense of their customers, receive many complaints, and still not have to

            do anything about it (or have any consequences).  I really don't know who's

            fault this update is (I'm guessing it's Motorola) but I think that this

            issue really reflects its values.  They just want to make money.

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              You would have to know and understand the technical reason behind it which none of us do.  However, it is unreasonable to think a company can continue to support each and every product indefinitely.  As technology advances, some of the old supported devices are going to fall off the supported devices list over time. 

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                Spent a few hours this morning with both Verizon and Motorola. Verizon was able to give me an internal list of routers that Motorola sent to them indicating routers know to be an issue with JB and their products. My office router is on the list. I do have issues maintaining a connection to the router. The routers have the newest Firmware updates.


                When speaking with Motorola they told me that do not have an official list and that I would need to replace the routers. I asked how will I know that new routers I purchase will work. There reply is they can't tell me if they will.


                I asked Motorola since you are owned by Google can't you talk with them about this issues. They said they can't.


                I informed both Verizon and Motorola that I am unable to make solid and consistent connections at Panera, McDonalds, and two colleges in my area. Motorola repeated the company line of replace your routers. They also asked if I checked with my ISP. I said this has nothing to do with the ISP.


                Bottom line we are out of luck. Nothing anyone will do.

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                  I have tried all the fixes suggested after calling Verizonwireless support and they put me through to Motorola also.  I see I'm not the only one who can't help but wonder about this new "update" not allowing me to connect to WiFi (free) any longer....essentially forcing me to use additional data that I can be billed for ...how very convenient for Verizonwireless   It makes no sense that I could connect to WiFi before the update (although I had to keep an eye on it as it liked to shut itself off) regardless of networks being available (again...how convenient for Verizonwireless) ... it does make one wonder....

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                    If I was having connection problems I would try rebooting everything in the proper order and see if that helps.  Then, I would see if there is a new firmware update for my router.  I would also try clearing the cache on my phone and maybe even a factory reset, etc.  Once I had exhausted all of those options, I would go to my local electronics store and purchase a new router.  I would not be happy, but I would rather be connected and unhappy than not connected and unhappy.  If it was me, I would use it as an excuse to upgrade to a gigabyte router.  It certainly would be nice if Motorola or Google or Verizon or someone could solve the problem, but I would not be waiting around on them.

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                      It's very weird, but I can connect to my very old router at home, but not newer routers at multiple locations.  I obviously can't change the routers at locations I normally connect to; ie: work, friends home, library..where I don't own the routers

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                        Think its time to go back to AT&T. Good bye verizon

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                          coop3hunting wrote:


                          Think its time to go back to AT&T. Good bye verizon

                          That will cost you much more than buying a newer router. Let alone calling your cable/dsl provider to swap out your high speed modem. Maybe a simple unplugging of the modem, router and cell phone may be the cure.

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