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        I have the GS3 and I have no complaints about the phone once so ever. I only have issues with the USB cable that comes with it. In the beginning I was able to connect my phone to my computer and edit my personal files. Now all my USB cable is good for is charging only. I bought a new cable and it works perfectly.


        I am sorry other people are having issues with their devices.



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          Samsung devices has experienced reception issues for sometime...  in some cases the radio. drivers can be updated to resolve the issue and sometimes its simply the hardware.


          The part that I can't understand is that I live is a problem location where reception is impossible for all the carriers but Verizon and  my S3 hasn't had any issues receiving and making calls.


          I have yet to find any reason to dislike this S3, so I'm sorry you're having so many problems but my devices has been.a dream.

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            as i am reading this entire thread, (do to horrible signal with my s3) i am noticing a BIG trend. everyone is having the same trouble, but for some odd reason you choose to negate the issues or come up with some scientific excuses as if due to use of large words and technical terms. you will be correct. either you have one of the three s3's that works well or the other 2 million subscribers are just dumb. i would much rather have a heavier phone that worked then a slim one that dosent. by the way the droid x and the droid max both have big screens and are very slim but get great reception, so the reasoning that you have to sacrafice radio quality due to batterie consumpstion is absurd. i have tried every tip i was given from multiple sites, even putting a few layers of tape between the phone and batterie. i am about to stuff a wire coat hanger in the headphone jack to see if thats any better. my last phone was a thunderbolt, that several verizon employees told me was the worst phone ever, worked great. i only had issues with the speakers going up. side note the 100% inspected refurb's is a joke i had two in one week come out of the box with blown speakers. yes the phone weighed more, the screen was a little smaller, and it didnt have android 4. whatever, but it worked i never even though about using it with wifi beacuse the 4g worked everywere  i went. now i have the s3 i still live in the same house and go to the same places but i cant even send a message from my basement on wifi or mobile network. i tried to overlook these issues for all of good things the s3 offer's but people no longer believe that im not getting there calls or texts my wife wants to set the s3 on fire. so PLEASE do not try to make excuses or downplay this issue we are all out a couple hundred dollars and stuck with **** for two years. i may just break the contract $350 over two years is right arount .48 cent a day i would pay that and more to not drop call's or texts. thats why i pay more for verizon and not virgin or t mobile beacuse of the network, which is a mute point when your phone's radio is ****.       

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              Actually I guess mine would make the 4th GSIII which works exceptionally well. I have had no problems with it. Either on wifi/3G/4G or just making calls.


              As to your statement "by the way the droid x and the droid max both have big screens and are very slim but get great reception, so the reasoning that you have to sacrafice radio quality due to batterie consumpstion is absurd." I disagree. The GSIII has a 10% bigger screen than BOTH of those phones and the Droid Razr Maxx has a battery which has 57% MORE power than the GSIII and therefore does not have the same problems with power conservation. The Droid X is a 3G phone which allegedly consumes less power than a 4G phone, so it's 13% smaller battery than the GSIII may be a push along with the smaller screen.

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                I am sorry you are experiencing issues and you took my statement as a attempt to disregard your concerns because this was not in no way meant to do this..


                Basically I am just pointing out that not everyone is experiencing the issues with reception quality, I was simply pointing out that all my devices used on Verizon network has been very usable compared to other carriers..  My Thunderbolt, S3 and my Droid X all had excellent reception where others have complained of all those devices had reception issues, it is starting to look like I am a lucky customer because every device I have used has worked well so far.


                I had issues with my Nexus dropping signal regularly and it was learned it was due to the 4G radio in the device because if I disable 4G radio the device worked perfectly...  Another thing to consider, since this isn't a standard issue for all users and the ones that has reported this issue even on replacement device, it may be time to investigate settings or possible applications conflict because the chance of a user having the same issue throughout multiple devices usually means (And please do not take this personally) to be a user error.

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                  i am honestly glad you are having a good experience with your phone, i would give up 10% of my screen size to never worry about droping calls or messages not being sent.  

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                    i am sorry i jumped down your throat, its frustration. you mentioned you had a thunderbolt, any idea how to check the signal?. my gs3 is getting -118 dbm and 20 asu and my wifes droid razr max is getting -87 dbm and 0 asu. thats a big jump. i may have a bad device, i have heard some one mention there was a bad batch, but that was a post from july and i got mine the middle of december. any way back to the thunderbolt, it shows 3 out of 4 bars compared to my 1 to 2 out of 4 bars on my gs3. i realize that bars are not a acurate reading and was wondering how to obtain an actual reading from the thunderbolt. again i apoligize its just that i waited 4 months to get this phone and had seen so many good reviews on the web and youtube. and i was let down, not to mention forced to give up my unlimited data to get it.  

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                      I understand your frustration but if you inspect almost any device you will find issues with them in one way or the other....   I can not check my TB any longer because when I received my S3 I got rid of the device..


                      In actuality I think that the factor of having to much info can give a device a bad rep...  The numbers and signal bars really do not impact each device the same because the data is being generate from the phones firmware and if the software is calibrated incorrectly it may read higher or lower signal.. 


                      Basically with the right information you could get a device to read maximum signal even without connecting to a network.


                      Here's my devices signal states on my S3 and I haven't noticed any signal issues..


                      2013-01-12 12.27.31.png

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                        My previous phone was a Samsung Stratosphere. Decided to upgrade the phone due to a crack on the screen.

                        Enter the mighty Samsung S3. Day one: um, dropping just about every call made and received and the voices sound muffled. Forward a few days, many calls to Verizon later, they suggest I go back and have them change sims card. Done. Phone still dropping calls. Go back, Verizon says, get a new phone. Done. More dropped calls, barely 1 bar of reception at my office, no good (I found out today while driving in the  highway I get all 4 bars or is it 5?) not a clue but that's the first time I've seen my phone go more than 2 or rarely 3 bars. . uh, did I mention all pics taken with this phone were tilted? Call Verizon, new (used certified phone sent, but I paid for a new phone?). Replacement phone still muffled, drops calls and I'm so totally fed up with Samsung!! Packing it all up and going back to store to pick a new phone. Size of the screen, great battery life, ease of use and all teh perks so totally irrelevant right now. I need a phone I can use specially since this is my business phone!

                        One thing i must say, Verizon has been wonderful about this. I have nothing bad to say about them, they are sending me a network extender which I think i will just return hopefully I won't need it with a different phone.

                        PS. for those who don't think the reception bar is relevant to the quality of the call, you may want to check again. When my phone is 1 or 2 bars, I can barely undertand what the other person is saying. I could tell today while driving home the reception had changed, the call was crystal clear until.. I got off the highway!!

                        Going for the Motorola Razor Maxx HD. wish me luck!

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