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    Droid Razr ICS upgrade - Can I change lapdock settings?


      I've got a Droid Razr and have been using a lapdock with it.  I just downloaded the ICS update, and now every window is full size on the lapdock.  Is there a way that I can get back to the "windows" mode, so that I can choose how large each is on the screen?


      Before, I could have multiple windows open and visible on the screen.  Now I can only see one window at a time, and I can't re-size them.  It's like everything's in super-size mode, because it's using the whole screen.


      Also, all of the favorites that I had saved with the Firefox app are missing.  Is there any way to get those back?

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          Meaning Were your Main Screen Like it Would when it's Not in the Dock Correct?  To Get to this Area When it's in the Dock Pull your Shade down you will see select Dock type Scroll up to the Charger Only selection and Tap on it and it will Go Directly to the Main Screen. Hope this works For Ya..b33

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            Wrong dock b33. I think Suz is talking about the Lapdock 100 or 500 with Webtop 3.0.

            Webtop 3.0 is a whole new animal with ICS and I'm still exploring it myself.

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              Sorry, I have the same issues.

              Motorola level 2 support says when you upgrade from Gingerbread to IceCreamSandwich and Webtop 3.0, what you see is what you get, and there is no changing other than going to third party apps which of course - for the Motorola Lapdock, there are none.


              And when JellyBean (Android OS 4.1) comes out, guess what?  No Webtop support at ALL!  So your Lapdock becomes useless, Verizon will not give you any money for it.


              So it becomes a useless brick unless someone writes an App to replace the WebTop functionality - unlikely considering the small user base for LapDocks!


              All the forums have the same complaint.  So how about we sue Motorola?  Any attorneys want to sue Motorola for loss of advertised function on a product I have owned for 4 months?