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    My iPhone 5 is on wifi, but it's still using up data, help?


      So I just upgraded to the iPhone 5 today which means that I just lost my unlimited data (insert depressing funeral music). And I figured that whenever I'm in my dorm, my house, or anywhere inside that there's a wifi connection, I'd just connect it to wifi to avoid using up extra data. This morning when I got the phone, I only had used .046GB, and I'm always browsing the internet/checking Facebook/blogging/etc. When I got home I connected to our wifi and downloaded some apps. It was on wifi the entire time, but the usage went up to .050 which was weird. Then I drove back to my dorm, connected to my wifi here, barely used any apps and it just went up to .060. What's going on? I'm pretty worried because our monthly billing cycle started a few days ago and if this goes on while I'm on wifi I'll get up to 2GB quick :/ also I always make sure to exit out of the apps/kill them after I'm done using them so they're not running in the background.


      Help :'(

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          Your iPhone is using data briefly when it is locked...and will then switch back to wifi when unlocked. When it is locked click on the home button and notice that briefly it will show LTE (or 3G if you don't have LTE on or access), then switch back to wifi. Not sure the reasoning behind this but it has always done this even with the iPhone 4/4s.

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            I have the same issue.  Mine has used a chunk of data while on WiFi.  The proposed lock explanation does not make sense as we are talking a significant amount of data.

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              I have the same exact problem and I learned the hard way after using almost 1 GB in data watching an hr long movie on netflix... The best solution I could think of is to actually turn off the LTE if I'm not planning to use it and leave it on 3G like when I'm sleeping or at work, so I don't worry as much. Then when I need to browse the web/gaming/apps, etc., I turn it back on temporarily. By doing so, even if I'm still receiving/using data unknowingly it is not in astronomical amounts.


              -Proud to own an iPhone 5 but hate how I used 1.5 GB of data within my first day

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                Like I mentioned before....if you feel like the usage is higher than normal contact Apple or VZW to have them investigate. Because of this thread I have checked my usage and I don't have anywhere near the high amounts Oscargee mentioned...and that's with my actual usage added in as well. Something is going on that is either on the user end (settings, apps, etc) that they may not realize is the culprit or there is an issue on VZW's or Apple (if it is the actual phone). I told you what my personal experiences have been and what the previous iPhones exhibited (as well as this one since as mentioned, it does the same thing while on the lock screen as the previous 2). If the problem is bigger then you need to contact VZW directly or Apple...or the issue won't be resolved (or at least looked in to)....that's the best advice I can give you. Especially if you feel like MarkInAZ88 feels (that the lock screen explanation that has been proven to be fact in the past and at least for me continues to be true....which may make me lucky but it is the only truth I know for my personal use). Good luck to all of you. And if you find out anything helpful be sure to share it in this thread...it may help others that are in your situation.

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                  Makes one wonder just what the point of 4G LTE is at all, if there is nothing but angst and stress associated with it because of greedy carriers and their paltry data caps. I thought phones were tools for communications, not dividend generators for investors.

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                    I think I'm just going to call Verizon today, or Apple, and ask them what they think. Maybe it is me since I've never owned an iPhone before and have never had to worry about data usage since I've had unlimited data for 2 years. But I just checked my data usage this morning, and it went down from .06 to .012 which is really strange to me and I don't know how that happened lol...I'll ask them if they think that i should turn off LTE/cellular data when I'm using wifi so that all incoming data will be restricted to wifi.

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                      I don't even think it's just related to wondering about LTE...if you're having to go to a tiered data plan when previously you were on an unlimited plan I think the angst is going to be there also....even without LTE. I know that's something that concerned me which is why I opted to keep my unlimited plan and take the penalty hit of paying full retail (offset with the sale of my 64 GB iPhone 4s). I realize that not everyone could or wanted to go that route so I completely understand the concern...which why ultimately I kept suggesting if someone felt like the advice or suggestions were not good enough or didn't make sense that the best bet would be to contact VZW and/or Apple. There may be something honestly wrong with the device....or the issue could be some of the things mentioned. It won't be known until action is taken.


                      Out of curiosity though...those with the issues...are you checking your data from the phone in settings or are you checking via MyVerizion?

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                        That is crazy.  I see the same thing.

                        Screen locked, click to unlock and see LTE switch to wi-fi. 

                        Good to know but kinda lame.  If you are in wi-fi, downloading an app and the screen locks are you now finishing that download with cell data?  I don't dig that at all.


                        If anyone find out more about hit back in here.  Keeping an eye on this thread.

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                          I am having the same issue ~ I opened a discussion on it over the weekend. I tried calling VZ bit after 20 minutes of waiting, I gave up. I figured I'd try back after the iphone 5 rush would stop. I have had a 4 & never had this issue ~ I am VERY Aware of programs running in the background & push notifications, etc & what could be pulling data & everything is off. I've even noticed the data is being used when I (& the phone) are sleeping at 3 am, 5 am, etc.

                          I got a response from VZ this morning o e mail it seemed a "canned response" with no  explanantion:


                          "I hope you are having a great start to your week. I would like to begin by welcoming you to Verizon Wireless. This is really a great question and we certainly appreciate customers who keep such a close watch on their usage. When I compare the data records, it looks like data usage began to incur at the same time that your line and device was activated. I definitely still encourage you to use wifi as a great way to manage your data use (I do it myself when listening to music at work)."


                          Please let us all know what you find out with VZ regarding this issue.

                          Thank you

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