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        the fix works!!! so happy, I was freaking out about having to get a new phone.

        receiving a million text messages at once was quite amusing too

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          This link isn't working for me AT ALL.  I am SO frustrated with this!  I am not receiving text messages from my customers, and I'm missing important orders.  Someone PLEASE help me.  I can't continue like this!  I finally got the "low storage" mess solved, now I"m not getting any of my texts.  Please help!

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            You should try the fix again. It totally worked for me. Go back to the top of this thread and find the link for the fix. Again, make sure you go to settings>apps, then check vie "unknown sources" box at the top so your phone will allow the download. I had to restart my phone for it to work. Good luck!
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              KarneDawg3 wrote:

              Just saw someone post on the HTC forums, in a thread related to this same issue.


              Ok, I called HTC and they had me go to a website and download something.  Now it works!  Call 1-866-449-8358 from 6a to 1a EST.

              So I called that number and spoke with CSR.  She provided the URL for me.  It's a direct link, so it points directly to the file.  According to her, you point your phone's browser to the URL (as opposed to downloading the file to your computer and trying to transfer it over), and your phone will execute the file accordingly.  I haven't tried doing this yet because my girlfriend is at work and has the phone on her person.  But if anybody wants to give it a shot, here ya go:


              [Edited to comply with Terms of Service]


              Thank you, thank you, thank you!!  The apk hotfix worked  :smileyhappy:

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                I know this is an old post, but my phone is going through the same thing now, not receiving texts, and I cannot get the Low Storage off of my phone, Can you help?



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