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    Looking for a new phone...


      So my phone was stolen and i'm looking to replace it. I don't care for flip phones and i've fallen in love with the touch phones and smart phones, but there is no way i'm going to pay for a data plan when i won't ever use it and if i did, very rarely. ive looked online and found several lists of basic phones and smartphones that do not require a data plan. I love LG phones and have had several over my 10 years of having verizon. I don't have to have a super new phone (although the new iphone looks nice!!) but i would like to have a touch screen phone and a basic smartphone if at all possible. So far i have found a couple different ones i like. The LG Fathom, LG cosmos and LG Phoenix have all caught my eye. Do any of these not require a data package? Also i know someone who has a phone and doesn't pay extra for internet but uses the wifi signals to use the net and app stores. Can any of these phones use free wifi or do they charge extra?


      Thank you so much for your time