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        smccollom wrote:


        It's upsetting that we now must pay for the privilege of having manufacturers stand behind their products in the form of purchased warranties.

        what? you get 1 year warranty for free.

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          I understand your issues with receiving a "factory reconditioned" device as a warranty replacement. Please don't think that I work for any of the companies involved with this decision because I do not. I am simply a new Verizon customer who has had a Droid RAZR replaced after two weeks of issues. Yes, it was replaced with a "refurb" and, yes I do understand why.

          I worked for (That company that spawned the iPhone) for six years. Up until recently, all I have owned have been AT&T iPhones, right up to the 4s. In fact, one of my jobs was technical support (specifically iPhone) and I understand the logistics behind warranty replacement.

          My main point is that after receiving my refurb replacement I have noticed the following-

          1. WAY better battery life. I mean WAY, as in all caps to emphasize how much better it is now.

          2. WAY better performance and fewer, if not any lock ups.

          3. Better connections. This goes for everything from USB, 4G, WiFi, etc...

          4. Better graphics! Yes, I'm not kidding.

          5. Less propensity for cosmetic damage due to normal use.

          6. WAY quicker charging via wall or USB.

          To summarize- Refurb or not, I have to say Way to go guys (and gals). I am extremely happy with this new(ish) device. Maybe my first one was under spec or something. Maybe this refurb has had the kinks worked out. Whatever the case, don't knock refurbs as long as they carry a warranty and, more importatnly, work better.

          Did I mention that I don't miss my iPhone? Anyway, just give the replacement a chance and you just might be surprised. As a long time AT&T customer I am quickly learning the many reasons why Verizon actually is an industry leader. 


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            I have a Droid Razr. My husband got it for me for Christmas and it is JUNK! I called in January because I wanted to take it back and Verizon told me you are 2 days to late to return it! I have to charge it twice a day at least. I can only use it to text and call on or I have to charge more than that. This phone is junk. Why do you think they brought out the Maxx with an extended battery? I finally went to the store yesterday because I found out my phone was flagged for other problems... They did not even have one of these at their stores. They are sending me a like-new one. This is ****! Verizon is getting worse than AT&T. I pay almost $200 a month for 3 phones and I got treated like a dog yesterday. I was told by the salesman that he has not heard of any problems with the batteries on these phones. Has he been living in a cave?? My husband spent $350 for JUNK! They talked him into the bundle also. I want an Iphone. I will get one as soon as I have the money to pay off my contract which will be next tax time. Verizon and Assurion has been problems for me. I had a phone last year that Assurion sent me 4 of them and finally sent me a new one and it worked until Dec. I hope I am surprised but I don't think I will be. It is not a smartphone. It is a dumb phone! And I am stupid to still be with Verizon. People beware. They are also talking of adding a $30 charge when we upgrade. At least that is a little of what I heard yesterday. They will not say anything about it at the stores....  Good luck Verizon customers.  I hope to be an Ex-Verizon with an Iphone next year!!!!


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              I feel your pain. Went through about the same as you. Missed the return date by 2 days. Wanted to trade the Droid razr for an Iphone. They would have actually made money off me. DUH!!  but no they would not do it. I have tried everything with this phone. Read what I wrote further down. I am disabled and cannot be running to there store to have my phone checked all the time. I have RSD and I don't even like to go out in the cold in the winter! One time I called and the lady told me to use one of my upgrades and buy an iphone. My husband already spent $350 on this one in December and then they wanted me to go and use another upgrade and spend more money!! Verizon will fail if they keep treating their customers like this. If they don't do my right I will be blogging what happened to me. I will try and Like-New phone they send but if it is JUNK also. That is it. I will go and get an upgrade on my home phone and turn the junk off except for when I go to the doctors. What a waste!!


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                Just so you know, ALL phones have known issues. Some major, some minor.

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                  Yes, they do but this one is the worst ever!! And the sad part is both Motorola and Verizon knows it. And my husband just got rid of his original flip razor last year. He had it for years. No problems...  We go to smart phones and look what we get! A big price for JUNK!

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                    There is a big difference between a vehicle and a phone!

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                      Was the flip Razr he had the Maroon in Colored One. Mine that i had from Alltel Lasted 4 years an never got a scratch on it i took care of it Very Well as i do with all my Handsets i have had Past an Present. I gave Red Razr to my Young  Niece an it last about 2 months Lol but i guess it can't Last for Ever. On our truck i was making light on it. It seems stuff these days just does not want to last as it did in the past so Dam many things maid with High in Cost Plastic!  I want to call it Cheap but in many ways it is Not. An they press it on or stick it On Lol an say that stuff will last a Life Time. Yea right I call that Horse Pa Tucky Lol b33   

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                        No, he had a silver one. Kept a case on it at all times. It was the leather case with the clip and he hung it on his pants.  That thing got bumped into stuff all the time too.  And the only thing that killed it was he messed up when visiting his son in Florida and left it in the glove compartment. I really believe that crazy phone would be working to this day if not for that. LOL

                        I agree these new ones are really made cheap! Whether price wise I have not idea but it is like the new cars too. I had a 1997 Cavalier that we totaled.  Stupid lady stopped right in front of the car in front of us going 60 mph for packing peanuts.. Duh... So unfortunately my husband rear ended the girl in front of us who had to stop fast.  Of course the one that caused it all took off. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR  Anyway, loved that car.  Have a 2008 Equinox.  Love it, but everything is cheaply made. Had some minor stuff done during the 3 year warranty.  I should have returned it and could have because the salesman knew we were going to have handles put above inside the door to help me get in due to my illness. Found out we could not do it because we have the side airbags.. I already have one dent and two scratches that need fixed. Only fixed one scratch on my Cavalier in 13 years and I drove it everywhere. And this one get parked in the wider handicapped parking places. They just don't make them like they used too... Phones and vehicles!! ;(


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                          Yea on the Air Bag Rose i see were your coming from i thought about getting one of those Car Mounts for my Maxx an put in the Truck but with these Air bags these Days you Do Not Want Something that is Going to be in front of it's Path or it can't hurt you Seriously Could even Kill Ya if it hit just Right an you know people install those things in there Vehicles Every Day with out Going to the Dealer an Ask if it Safe or Not were to Install it. Let me Back that up a Bit Some Do it. Most Don't an i will tell ya in some Way's an a i am being Honest on this. I think they can be a big distraction.. An if there not used in a safe & proper manner they can cause more harm than what there worth..b33 

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