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    Incredible 2 Not sending messages


      My HTC Incredible 2 that I have had for a few months now is no longer sending all of my text messages. I am able to receive every message that I am sent but about two thirds of the messages I try to send do not make it to the other person. There is never any kind of notification saying the message has not gone through but instead from my end it appears that it has been sent without a problem. I took it in to the store today and the customer service person told me my memory was full so I tried cleaning up some of the memory by deleting unused apps and clearing call logs and such. This did not work so I resorted to a factory reset which completely wiped my phone clean. Even after the reset I still have the same problem. It is very frustrating and I don't know what to do.

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          Yeah, that customer service rep sounds like (s)he didn't know what he was talking about. Having inadequate storage space would only be an issue when receiving, and thus storing, messages; not sending. It sounds like an issue with your modems/wireless radios. Try going in to your local VZW branch and asking them to reflash your phone with the most up-to-date modems. Do you have any problems with making/receiving calls, or any issues with data? It might possible be the Messaging app itself, although that's unlikely. Try installing something like Handcent to replace the Messaging app and see if that fixes anything.