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    What happened to my 300mb plan?


      Last month, I had to upgrade from my 300mb data plan to the 4gb one after I accidentally uploaded some videos that shot me over my limit. Today is the last day of the billing cycle, so I logged on to change it back to my 300mb plan, only to discover it wasn't even an option to anymore!


      I did an online chat, and the rep I spoke with said for my phone (Droid Razr) I have to have a 2gb minimum plan. I looked at their plan info, and it looks like 2gb is the minimum for 3g phones, not 4g (they both cost $30). Not that 2gb is even an option anyway, 4gb is the smallest plan I can select. This is slightly upsetting to me, as I barely use more than 200mb a month, and now I'm stuck paying an extra $10 for a data plan I won't even use a quarter of.


      What's up with this? Why did they get rid of the 300mb plan? Can I call and plead my case? I'm just really confused, I signed up with the 300mb plan at the end of November, so it's only been 4 months. I had to upgrade my plan because my data stopped working after I went over, and upgrading was the only thing that got it going again (I didn't get any indication that I would be charged overage fees).