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        I am having the exact same problem.  I am going to be getting my 3rd Incredible 2 and it is the same problem over and over again.  The charging port is loose.  The reps in the store are so nice and tried to help me out as much as possible, but when we called the customer service reps at Verizon, they were very rude to me.  They treated me like I was a child, like they thought I have never had a phone before. I almost wanted to switch services because of this. I have been a Verizon customer for quite a while. I don't want this to keep happening! It is ridiculous!

        To Verizon: Is there any way that I can get a replacement phone of equal or lesser value before my phone contract is up??

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          I am having the same problem with bad/unstable USB port connection on ,my Incredible 2. Verizon refuses to exchange the phone (see below), but the good news is that DIY fix is not that expensive. I found some "USB charger port for Incredible 2"

          items on ebay for about $15 and even ordered one for myself. It looks like a small module with flex cable and probably does not require soldering. It will void the warranty, but Verizon says my phone never had any warranty anyway.


          The phone is less than 1 year old, but Verizon cannot replace it. When I bought the phone, I was also transferring my number from a company account into my own newly created account. For some reason the rep in Verizon store put that new phone onto the company account and then transferred it into my own account within a few minutes. It turns out such a transfer kills the warranty completely. Basically I paid for the phone, signed up for a 2 year contract and got 0 days warranty without knowing about that. I am sure it is written there somewhere in small font, but it would be nice if somebody explained that in store. You can guess why I don't want to buy anything from Verizon anymore

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            I also have had the same problem.  I'm on my 4th and soon my 5th.  My phone just started having the problem again.  They last about 2 months then the charging is inconsistent or won;t charge at all. I'm really getting fed up with it!  And if I'm told to hard reset it one more time... Grrr.  Verizon is so frustrating. 

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              I too have the Incredible 2 charging problems...after reading much on the interwebs and this forum, it is obvious that the Incredible 2 has a charging port defect. I haven't had a chance to a Verizon store yet to get it resolved.


              I called Verizon and they are sending me a new Incredible 2...hope this one is OK.

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                Just an update for those who don't have the warranty for some reason and don't mind DIY repair...

                New USB port pcb board was $16 on ebay. Replacement requires a star tip screwdriver and involves removing about 10 screws and disconnecting a couple of small flex cables. No soldering required. It was not hard, but it's always better to let somebody experienced do the repair

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                  Received a replacement phone from Asurion in Nov 2011 that began having this problem this past weekend (4/29/12). Took it to Verizon who said it was covered under 1yr Manuf Warr, but it had to go back to Asurion. Received 2nd phone from Asurion yesterday, which arrived with a charged battery. When my son went to plug it in this morning....SAME DARN PROBLEM. Asurion shipping out ANOTHER phone today. SMDH.

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                    I have the exact same problem...AGAIN! Beginning a few weeks ago, the phone began not wanting to hold a charge. Same as last year. Now this morning, after being on charger all night, nothing! The phone is dead. I am so ****** and don't want the same ****** "incredible"2 again!!! I can understand the problem happening once, but twice? Nope. Obviously, the phone is garbage & I'm not OK with accepting their junk again.

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                      I am having same problem.  I had the Incredible and it kept saying no memory and I had hardly any apps AT ALL on it,  they sent me another via Asurian, and SAME PROBLEM. So they sent me a Incredible 2 and all has been ok until tonight. It will not charge at ALL.  I have tried different Verizon chargers and no, it is the phone.  My husband has the G'zone and it all of the sudden wouldn't work unless you have it on speaker, they sent him a new one and IT IS DOING THE SAME THING.  If I wanted that I would get a walkie talkie.  Good grief.  Seems like I get one piece of **** after another.

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                        had the same problem: when plugged in couldn't get it to turn on, light blinked a few times but my comp couldn't even recognize that a device was plugged in.


                        found this on another forum:

                        take out your battery, hold the power button for 10 seconds, replace battery, plug in charger, and try to turn it on.


                        worked for me, after doing so the charge light stayed constant, then after a minute would turn on. I think my charge port is a little loose or something also though, but give this a try

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                          Same problem. Got DINC2 August '11 and in the past three weeks or so it has failed to charge, even when the light indicates that it has been charging. Ive taken it to the Verizon store and they looked at it and thought that it just needed an update but its still broken. Getting a new one shipped on Monday but this is just frustrating to see so many other people with the same problem with the same phone. Makes me feel like I wasted my money on this phone and just have to wait til I get a new one so the problem can persist with that one as well.

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