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    Can't setup my exchange email


      Hope someone can help. I tried to setup my work email. We use exchange 2007 but when i go to the corporate email setup the only fields that come up are, enter email address and Password. There isn't any place to enter the domain name or the server name. Do I need a software update or something?

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          Here Give this a Try an Hopefully it Works For Ya! b33



          How do I set up or customize my exchange email settings?




          Note: Exchange account (Corporate Sync) is for Microsoft® Exchange server work email accounts. Enter details from your IT administrator.

          If you need to manually setup your corporate sync with account details such as user name, server name, etc. We suggest the following:

          1. Open up My Accounts application from application tray or through your Menu > Settings
          2. Tap Add account
          3. Tap Corporate Sync
          4. Your Corporate exchange account settings will be displayed
          5. To access the manual set-up options for Exchange account, temporarily use a Gmail email, Yahoo email, AOL email or a different email account (account you use does not need to be active) on the first screen for the corporate sync account setup
          6. On the second screen that appears, additional fields will be displayed
            Image ImageImage
          7. Change the username and password to the correct credentials for the Exchange email account.  Also enter the domain name and server name
            Image Image
          8. After the account has been validated, go to the Main Home screen and click on the Menu key > Settings > Accounts, look for the new account that was just created; it will have the same name of the account that was used to start this setup process (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.).
            Image Image
          9. Select the correct account name; then tap on General Settings and change the account name to the correct name for your Exchange account followed by tapping on OK.



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            An to Remove the exchange email if need be.. Here's How to Do that:


            Remove Corporate Email Account (Exchange Activesync) - DROID RAZR / RAZR MAXX by MOTOROLA


            1. From a Home screen, select the App menu (located in the lower right).
              App menu
            2. Select My Accounts.
              Note If the application icon is missing, select App menu filter (located at the top) then select All apps.
              Applications with My Accounts
            3. Select the Corporate Sync account (Exchange Activesync®).
              Note The accounts listed may vary.
              My Accounts screen with available accounts
            4. Select Remove account.
              Account options, Remove account
            5. Select Yes.
              Remove account confirmation, Yes
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              Thank you SO much. This should be posted on the help section.

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                Thank you for posting!  I had actually gone to the Motorola website and found the same info.  The first time I tried it I got a certificate error and when I clicked on "Trust" then it gave me another error about some service not being supported.  I was showing my friend (who happens to work at Verizon) so she could see the errors, but the sync finally took.  I made sure I sent them the link so they would have it for the future! 

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                  Your Welcome and i will try to find that Section..b33