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    water under screen


      i have water under the screen of my phone does anyone know how i can get it out before my phone is ruined i was told that my warrenty doesnt cover water damage it only covers if my phone is lost or stolen or has gotten ran over by a car im not sure why it would cover that and not water damage but if anyone knows any tricks please reply

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          How did it get there ? if it's light Moister or Dew under the Screen you have Broken Seal an Moister from a Bathroom or Kitchen has gotten in there..  if it's more than that you've apparently dropped in the Water..But little or a lot the Moister will A ventually get the Moister Sticker..

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            The warranty doesn't cover any of that. If you have the insurance feature on the account it will cover everything you mentioned, there will be a deductable.

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              Grothka it's about $50 or $ 75 Isn't it or is it More. It's been long time since i've had to do a Warrant Claim Actually it Was Back in the Alltel Day's b33

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                Verizon Wireless Customer Support


                Good morning!

                I'm sorry to learn about the liquid damage your phone suffered. As @Grothka pointed out, the warranty does not cover any physical damages, but rather manufacturer defects. Insurance is offered at the time of purchase and provides protection if your device suffers physical damage, for a small deductible. If you have insurance, you can file a claim with Asurion at www.phoneclaim.com/verizon. If you do not have insurance, we do offer Certified Pre-Owned devices at a reduced rate that you may qualify for. Check out more info here: http://bit.ly/rcDvLW.

                Thank you!
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