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        I know its against TOS policies but I installed the leaked version and there are several bugs, so its probably a good thing its delayed and I am just hoping the version that is eventually released is not this one.


          It takes a lot of time for Verizon to test the huge amount of bloatware they shove on the phone.  Remember, we are not HTC's customer. Verizon is.

          Apple users don't suffer from this due to Apple's market position and thus is able to force them to be a dumb data provider.  However, HTC is in the opposite position.  You can either use Google's minimal UI or the better Sense UI but accept Verizon baggage (and battery drain)

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            Word that the Soak Testing of ICS on the Rezound has been spreading across the internet.

            If Big Red and HTC were really clever, then they would offer those of us who have been vocal about the ICS Update a chance to Soak Test the update.

            They would get a testing audience and shut us up.

            Sounds like a win, win to me.

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              That would be nice but is not the reality in corporate america.  Remember, Verizon is HTC's customer not us.  Android users get what their carrier wants them to have. 


              However, I agree with you that it would be nice for the relationship to be more like Apple's is where the end user is the handset maker's customer.



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                Or you could be then vocal about the bugs that might come with a soak test.

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                  This is the kind of reason I left Sprint after 16 years (although my daughter is still on my plan at Sprint). Strike ONE: The promised 1Q release of ICS when I purchased the Rezound in November (FAILED), Strike TWO: If and when I decide to upgrade to a newer phone Verizon will charge $30 for this (FAILED). One more Verizon and I am moving on... Sprint gave me good service for over 15 years... you have managed to get to me in only 6 months. The charge of cancelling my contract is only a one time fee and I will have no problem doing this... get it together for your customers. Time to give back to the largest customer base in the USA, before it is too late and people start leaving.

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                    I tend to agree with you . I have four Verizon phones, three of which are Android. I made the choice to by the Rezound due to a lot of research on the hardware AND the promise of a 1st quarter upgrade. I might have just purchased the Razr Maxx or the Galaxy had I known we would be into May. I had an ASUS tab that was upgraded to ICS in January and I expect my Galaxy Tab will be ICS soon. I do know and appreciate that Verizon and HTC want the bugs out of the OS before they ship to prevent getting slammed in the reviews and customer base. However, they also need to take care of current customers. Sprint and Verizon have an almost identical footprint and roaming agreements. It will come down to customer care, keeping promises and pricing. I think the upgrade fee violates the new every two concept. Its not alot of money but it is the principle.


                    A few years ago, I was involved in the negotiations and testing in supplying a large agency for which I worked, cell phones. This was nearly 650 devices in addition to potentially 900 plus air cards for mobile computing. Guaranteed income for the provider from a government agency.  Sprint listened, and they were provided the deal. Big Red did not budge and they lost a lot of business. I generally do not have issues with Verizon's quality of service or customer care but they need to keep promises and listen to customers. 

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                      Thank you, scodog for that encouraging news... lets just hope it is for real this time. You would think that Verizon would at least acknowledge this info to let us know they are getting close. Its just not cool being left in the dark. I will only making decisions based on what I know and not on conjecture, which could change if there were some indication that an upgrade is within weeks.

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