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    Stolen iPhone 4s


      My phone was recently stolen. i have been tracking it on icloud, but the holder keeps turning it off an on. Does anyone know if I am suppose to report it stolen to Verizon or Apple, in order to prevent a security bypass?

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          You can report it to Verizon but I'm not sure what you mean by a security bypass. You can wipe the data from the phone via iCloud just like you're tracking the phone. If you are seeing the approximate location of the iPhone you might be able to report it to police to see if they will visit the location(s) after a police report is filed. I'm not 100% sure about that but you can always find out what will be done after you file the police report. As far as the person being able to activate the phone...if you report it as stolen to VZW then it should be flagged. If you're leaving it activated on your account without reporting it stolen then you will be responsible for whatever fees the person that has it racks up (data overages if you don't have an unlimited data plan for example).

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            Kaebfly am i right to assume that Once you report it to Verizon and they suspend it you can't locate it or do a remote wipe you can't  locate it.


            I would give the police the proof to show the polic approximate where it is and thy will find it by keep on tracking it. The tracking is your proof that it is lost and not with you. They don't know your tracking them unless there smart and see find ur iPhone. You should get it to the police ASAP before the person gets a clue.

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              Verizon Wireless Customer Support

              Hello galindkay. It is recommended to advise us if you los your phone. This way, we can disable it from being used without your consent. Of course, this will disable your ability to track the device using iCloud but it sounds like the person who has it has found a way around the tracking service. May I ask do you have insurance on the device? ^AH

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                how do i use the icloud to locate my phone.

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                  Thank  you but I don't think anyone has he instrument.  I believe I simply "tucked" it away.  All I want to do is to find it, using the locae process.  One tech at VZW informed me that I would have to find another 4S  user to run the locate process.  If that is true, I'm lin trouble.

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    Hi, vznorth39-

                    I'm sorry the learn the device has been lost! If you use iCloud, you can find out more info on locating it here: http://bit.ly/q7MAET. If this or 'Find My iPhone' was not set up previous to the phone going missing, unfortunately there is no way to gain the location information. Let me know if you need further assistance.

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