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    Lucid by LG question


      Does anyone know how to turn on the notification light? I've gone through the whole setup and can't locate it but I'm sure I saw it somewhere!

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          According to the online user manual, the phone doesn't have an LED notification light.


          You can try using an application from the Play Store for a workaround. Search "No LED" and several options will be available.

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            Hello, the leader


            Nice to meet u here. I am wondering how to disable the atuo spell check of lg lucid device. all the while i am texting, it works to check the spell. I do need this to be taken off. If u have any suggestions, kindly please let me know.

            I am looking forward to your update. thanks u


            Warm Regards,

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              If you have not found it by the time you get this message, you can disable spell check for using the regular keyboard by,

              hitting your Menu button, go to Settings, Language & keyboard, LG Keyboard, Word Suggestion.  Then from there you can pick which word prediction and correction options you would like on and off.  Hope this helps.  dhaynie266

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                Try Settings, Display, then scroll down to Advanced Settings.  At least that's where it is on the Lucid 2.