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    Mobile Broadband and Wireless Router

      I have a Belkin Wireless G router which I use to download the guide for my TIVO.  It was working and now it doesn't (no internet light)with the Verizon Broadband.  I still have Hughesnet ( which I might  replace perm. with the Verizon) and when I connect to Hughesnet the router works fine.  I have disconnected and reconnected the power to the router with no change.  I have my Verizon connected to my desktop.  Because I can't leave the Verizon on all the time I must download the Tivo guide manually.  Something that Hughesnet has an advantage over Verizon Broadband.  I can be gone for a month and my guide is uploaded and my programs copied without having my computer on. I need simple instructions how to fix this problem.  Thanks