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    How do you get them to take a network problem seriously?


      I have a couple of websites that I need for work.  For some reason They stopped working with Verizon phones, 3G and 4G, at least in my area around the 28th of march.  They work if you make a wifi connection and with other carriers.  When I finally got to a human she couldn't go off script and kept telling me that I needed to reboot the phone.  The only way that was going to work was if I hung up and rebooted and then went through their voice jail system again.   So I went to a franchisee and had them deal with it.  the only advantage they had was a number to get straight to a real person and they were on another phone so they could go through the rebooting sham.  They gave me a trouble ticket number >(Ticket number deleted)< and the problem is still unresolved.  Although it did briefly work yesterday.


      I can't find any place on their site to check the status of this trouble ticket and haven't heard from them since.  How do I check the status of the ticket and light a fire under them.


      It would be nice if people from around the country could check one of the sites; fsmstamps.com just so I could know if it is my area or everywhere.



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