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        I called in with a lot of these same issues today. If you give them a full variety of problems, they will NOT try to troubleshoot your phone, they will just send you a new one. Because I'd seen forums indicating that I'm only going to have the same problems with the phone they send me, I asked about getting a totally new device. They said they have to send a new phone once before they can switch you to a new one, per policy (which is sort of understandable). BUT, he said if I continued having any of the same problems, that I could call back, and since it would be recorded that my phone had been replaced once, they would be able to switch me to a totally different phone then.


        Moral of the story: As soon as you start having these problems, call and report them, and have them send you a new phone. If the problems recur, call again and tell them you want to switch to a new phone altogether. They probably won't offer it up as a solution, but they'll do it if you ask. Sucks because it's not an immediate fix, but you can get it done. Good luck!

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          Wish you had posted this earlier, I am on my third "like new" of these phones.  Only had this one about 2 weeks, waiting for it to make one mistake.  And I am going to try this tactic.  Thanks for posting that info.

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            Hi Regarding Multiple Issues,


            I have not been able to get to the internet all day.  I have shut my phone off, pulled the battery with no luck.  It is doing it's normal freezing and shutting down with no warning.  No one seems to be able to help.  I haven't been able to use 4G for months.  Phone is slower than a slug.  I would so like to junk this phone anything has to be better.  Any help out there on the internet issue.  I din't get text messages and then all of a sudden they started pouring in but still no email.  What good is a smart phone if all it is good for is making phone calls sometimes and maybe texting sometimes.

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              I called customer service this afternoon regarding all the same problems you folks are having. they told me first i need to be on a different phone and to call back when i can. so at midnight tonight i get to call back and have them tell me to pull the battery like i already have and do a few resets on it which i already have. she then tells me its not the LG Revolutions fault its doing this, but i might still be able to get a replacement model(different phone) but they cannot do this until i can call them back. she tells me apps like pandora and some others actually cause the phone to freeze, but my biggest concern is when i charge the phone it can charge for 8 hours while i sleep, i wake up in the morning the phone is so hot that it makes the end table hot.so i turn the phone off and back on to see after 8 hours of charging its only 10% charged, this is my 2nd LG and 3rd Revolution that i have had problems with, if they don't replace this phone and show me some customer service, I have been with them for 8 years no late payments ever, I am going to consider disconnecting and going with another provider. I can't believe that a 4g smart phone cannot run Pandora Radio, thats rediculous

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                I just came back from the corporate store complaining about my Revolution.  I purchased my phone in May 2011 and out the box it was slow.  Months later the freezing began.  I would be talking to a friend and the phone would restart.  When I touch the screen the phone had a delayed response.  I would sit there and watch the phone restart.  My applications would force close, my visual voicemail had numerous problems, signal drops, etc.  I have pulled the battery out, factory reset, no solution. 

                Then the charger port became too lose and I could not charge my phone forcing me to go to the retailer store.  She told me it would be replaced. I told her about not wanting this phone after reading numerous reviews online.  She leaned in close to me and admitted that Verizon is well aware about this issue.  I finally received my replacement and the restarts occurred within a few days restarting this entire cycle of issues again.  I called customer service and they tried to get me to call from another number but this is the only phone I have available.  I tell her the issues and she stated my issues were not widespread so it must be the individual phone.  She can replace it.  I asked about a different phone since this one is being discontinued.  She stated she can only give me another refurbished phone and the only ones available are 3G.  No thanks.  She sends me to the corporate store in which the gentleman helping me states that if this phone has an issue they will just send me another refurbished revolution.  He states again that he is looking at the Verizon forums and there are no issues like mine.  I offered to show him threads like this but he states if it isn't in their internal forums then other comments are not admissible.  He then states that all smartphones have the same issue as me and I will simply have to pull the battery out if an issue occurs.  Utterly ridiculous.  I've had smartphones in the past and I never dealt with issues like this.  He states if the problems were so bad then the phone would be recalled.  I inquired about the phone being discontinued so early if there were no issues with the phone whether in sales or issues.  No response.  He is sending me another Revolution and will continue sending me Revolutions if I report a problem with the phone.  As a loyal consumer I have no intentions of being ****** around and will take it as high as need be until things change.  I can understand somewhat if I am complaining about a widely successful phone (still being sold) with my issues being completely isolated.  The LG Revolution is a known flop by Verizon and they refuse to assist people paying them for an obviously,undisputedly, unmistakably inferior phone.  Hi Casey, I'm your first complaint on this phone.  Can you see this?

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                  I posted under this same thread a few weeks ago about two of these phones I had purchased for my daughters. Your issues are the same as everyone that has purchased this phone. Verizon representatives have been instructed to lie and say that your issues are isolated. I found out something the other weekend that I should have realized from the onset of these problems....you have absolutely no leverage when you are still under contract with these people. I was given the same line of **** that you were every time I called. Kept getting higher and higher with no acceptable solution offered. I was about to file my small claims court paperwork when out of frustration I called to cancel MY phone. I have had the same phone for 8 years and was not under contract. As soon as I called to cancel that subscription the customer service rep asked why I wanted to cancel. I told her about the problems with my daughter's phones and told her that I no longer wanted to be subscribed to a provider that did not stand behind the products sold in their stores. Without a moments hesitation she had two Motorola 4G phones on the way to my house at no cost to me and without extending my contract. Haven't had a single problem with them. Girls are happy and so am I. I still plan on terminating my phone with them but the lesson learned is that you only have leverage with this company if you our not under a contract. Good luck with your issues.

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                    This might help.  I finally talked to someone in tech support that was helpful.  They had me hit the menu button on the bottom left of the screen then click "settings" Then scroll to the very bottom of that screen and click "About phone"  Then click the first option "Software Update" Then click "Check New" there was an update there that noone ever bothered to tell me about.  I did this Wednesday, It is no Saturday and knock on wood, I have not had my phone Reboot on its own since.  Hope this will help some of you.

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                      it is nice to know i am not crazy...i had the random reboot issue pretty bad. got a reburished replacement...now only reboots 3 times a week instead of 3 times a day. however now i have to push buttons twicef for the phone to respond. i think i just need something else and pay the cost.

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                        I was sent a replacement anf the rebooting has stopped at least for now but I am still having call drop issues in areas that I have a strong signal.  No clue what that is about.



                        May the Sun Shine on You All Day Long!





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                          Has anyone had problems with charging the phone?  I have 2 different chargers and none of them are working.

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