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    LG_VS910ZV7_TO_ZV8 installation problems


      My LG Revolution phone recently started to perform updates to the software.


      I consistently receive messages that the update failed or was incomplete with a code of 410.  I cannot find any resolution when searching the web site.  It references www.verizonwireless.com/revolutionsupport, but that provides no help for the error.




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          I have the same issue...I wake up last three mornings and the OTA push fails...when I attempt to update myself, it goes all the way to reboot, then the install gets about a quarter of the way done and fails...

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            I'm having the same issue as well and I have read many other forums and nothing has been helpful.  I followed step-by-step instructions given by a VZW tech and they did not work,   Any help is greatly appreciated

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              I am having the very same issue. The update will download just as any app does, however once it gets to reboot it goes about 1/4 of the way and fails. With no help from the net or other forums, will have to call VZN and see if they can do something about it. Good Luck everyone.

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                I spoke to VZW Tech Support...They claim to have no records of calls for this problem...Whatever...The technician said he was calling me back at 1700 today with a conference call to LG to try to fix problem...will post what I find out.

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                  I worked with LG chat last night.  They had me try to do the install via connecting the phone to the PC.  Even after downloading and installing the latest upgrade software and phone drivers, I consistently received the message from the update program that "Software update is not supported for this model".  The representative suggested contacting Verizon.

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                    And that was a No-Go with Verizon...the tech never called, so I guess I will have to turn off my phone every night and deal with the failed update in the mornings...On a side note, I read that if the update works the phone can not be rooted...and as of the other day Verizon does not plan on an ICS update for the Revo

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                      So I had to call Verizon back myself and they sent me out a new phone with the VZ8 preloaded...problem now is there is no root for this version...I thought about keeping my old phone, but honestly, I dont't wnat to have to deal with the constant update errors every morning...Hopefully a root program will come out soon...I like having the freedom to do what I want to the phone I OWN!

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                        Im having the same problems with the update I have also had problems with bluetooth and wireless I can't enable both at once or they will not work. the normal freezing multiple times a day and horrible batt life have to charge it 2 times in a 8 hour work day with no apps or widgets running in the background other than the crapware that was preinstalled i cant stop. I have tried a factory reset more than once that's no help and I get the usual answer from tech support it must be a isolated incident and they have no record of that problem so a factory reset will fix it. a little help from them would be nice