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    worst phone ive ever had--a must read!!!!


      I have had this phone for a year.  Been dealing with these issues the whole time.  Sporadically doesn't send/rec txt/pix msgs, phone powers down out of nowhere, phone goes straight to voice mail even though I have signal, internet won't work even though I'm connected to wifi or have full 4g strength, battery will go from 75% one minute and the next you have to force close something and the battery is at 15%, can't just disconnect a call have to hit end call several times every time.  It is absolutely ridiculous.  They loaded a new keyboard from the market because apparently the one on the phone is "glitchy".  That didn't fix it.   I had my phone at 50% at 11:00 bedtime, used a task killer and killed everything, no email or anything syncs after 9, no moving background... nothing like that, but at 2 am my phone was dead.  totally 100% dead.  I hate this phone more than anything.  I've done more factory resets then I care to remember.  I have both types of insurance.  I want a new phone.  Not a refurbished piece of you know what.  A brand spanking new phone straight from the factory.  Not a revolution.   Not an LG.


      My job is in emergency services.  I'm on call 100% of the time.  I have to have a reliable phone that receives 99.9% of calls and texts.  I literally got wrote up at work because I missed my e-call and follow up e-txt.  A write up means I don't get my annual raise.  It means I don't get my annual bonus!!!!!!!

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          I am not the one to normally say this but the first thing I noted from your post is that you are using a Task Killer, you may want to remove that because a number of your issues sounds like a common issue if the TK is set to auto close system apps..


          Have you tried doing a hard reset and run the device clean without any apps installed, only restore contacts and email accounts?   If you havent I would try that before you right the device off because when that many issue shows usually its software related....  User have habit of installing old apps after a rest or device replacement which directs that user to the wrong nature of their problems.

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            I've tried having no task killer and having one.  I just dl this one in the last wk since I got the new updated software because I was having problems with the battery life and before I complained about the software update I wanted to make sure I didn't just have things going and didn't realize it.


            And yes to the hard reset.  Several times.  And the factory reset and all of it.  It always works till the next round of updates. Also I stopped dling apps after the second reset. I rarely even use the camera or anything on it.  I almost strictly use it for calls and txts at this point.  I'd go back to my old phone if it weren't also an LG and didn't have several of these same problems. 


            My first 2 LG's were excellent.  Never a problem one.  Literally never once had to call c.s. or go to the store for either phone.  Then the LG NV touch and now the revolution...... I'm on first name basis with all 8 or 9 of the cs reps here in my town and several of them don't even have to ask me for the phone #. 

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              I havent dealt with LG enough to know if the device is a problem child or not but it sounds like it may be another Samsung family memory, I had nothing but issues with all Samsung devices I owned and it looks like LG may be your demon device..


              Since you seemed to cover all angles it may be time to look at a diffrent device for next upgrade time..

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                Have you gotten a single replacement of this phone? From what you wrote I didn't see that you've gotten a single warranty replacement. Because of that it's unlikely that you would be able to get a different model of phone, but if you're actually willing to talk to tech support they might be able to make an exception. As far as not getting a refurbished phone... too bad, do you really think they are going to replace a 1 year old phone with a brand new phone for free? They might allow you to upgrade early, but that will involve at least a contract extension, and most likely it will cost you the 2 year price of whatever phone they allow you to buy. 

                Here is the moral of the story, if you are having issues with the phone, get them troubleshot and accept the replacements. If the replacements also have problems then use that fact to see if they can go outside of policy and get either an early upgrade or a different model phone. Just remember, if they do go through your warranty for the replacement you will get a used phone in return for your used phone.

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                  I have Dealt with them but that was back in the Alltel Days i had 2 of them an they worked Great But when Alltel Came out with those Flip Lime Green, Blue an white one's  Mine was the pretty blue one but it had  Issue's in the Charging Dept. So i got another one the Lime green one because they were out of the Blue ones an it was Way Worse that Ended my Love for LG an i have stayed pretty much with Motorola Except for h.t.c Incredible. b33 

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                    Verizon Wireless Customer Support

                    Good Afternoon andrealkern,

                    I know it can be frustrating when you are not gaining the reliability you should from your handset!

                    Please ensure your software is up to date. The latest version is: VS910ZV8. http://bit.ly/xLqigJ

                    As an additional option, please run your device in safe mode for a while to determine if third party apps may be causing the issues. http://bit.ly/HCbWjj

                    If you have already tried hard resets, a warranty replacement would be the next option if the device is less than a year old. Certified Like New replacement phones are fully inspected an reconditioned by the manufacturer. They often perform even better than new devices.


                    VZW Support
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                      Yo ha ha ha love this one, I have had three replacement LG Revolution phones my last one was only a day old before I had all the same old problems again, even after the update to fix all these issues was released. I finally had enough and called tech support and told them I'm done with the phone and that they really needed to do something about it. They finally gave me a Thunderbolt and I will never own another LG so long as I live from now on its HTC or Motorolla

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                        Sounded like an app conflict. But ya have a different phone now, so no need to talk about Safe Mode

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                          saving this thread for when you put the same sd card, apps, and gmail on the thunderbolt and it has the same problems

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