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        I am currently on my 5th thunderbolt due to the lost of data. I have a total of 9 in the last 4 months . My phone was working perfectly until about a month ago. They can not figure anything out , i have done all trouble shooting Ive been asked. I also have had two network tickets opened.  I am in the middle of one right now. With all the factory resets and long conversations with the different tier levels I am fed up. They have offered to put me into the droid charge , but after reading this thread and speaking with my  boss ( he has the same issues ) it doesn't seem like that is going to be the fix.  The supervisor I have spoken to on friday , said that she would be willing to give me an early upgrade * l just upgraded in Aug . I am insulted that she would even suggest  that I pay more money to have a working phone.  along with paying the data that I don't get to use as well.  I see it has --- fix my phone or give me a phone that i would like to have. I actually like my phone alot ( also have spent alot of money on accessories ) . I have a supervisor scheduled to follow up with  me tomorrow to let me know what we the next step is , with this is tickets that is open.                                  I am BEYOND fed up/

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          I was in love with my Bionic until about a month ago when I lost data connection when it rained & it hasn't been the same since. When I am at work in downtown DC I get spotty data connections. Its very annoying, I've done the restarting, taking the battery out still 4G would come on for a minute then nothing. Yesterday, I was out of data connection for 3 hours. Something needs to be done about this ASAP!!!

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            I'm also in DC and most of the time I have no connection at all.  Occasionally 4G or3G pops up, but it goes away as soon as you're crazy enough to try and connect to anything.  I saw a reference to an app that helps you reconnect, but of course I can't get to the App store (no connection).

            The Bionic is the crappiest phone I've ever had.

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              Beware.  I kept getting "No Data Connection" notices.  I was recently told it was not a network problem but a "known" problem with the Bionic.  Verizon just sent me a refurbished Razr to replace my Bionic.



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                It is the equipment.  I was having the same problem with my bionic. After going through vw support for months, I finally filed a complaint with the FCC.  I filed a complaint for not receiving the services I was promised and having to pay the full price for it.  After filing my case was assigned to an executive rep at headquarters.  The final resolution was trading the bionic for a convoy 2 phone and a 4G MiFi 4510L moble hotspot, no charges.  The convoy is working great and after receiving the second hotspot, the first one was defective, I have been receiving a strong 4G signal.  Verizon wants us to believe that the problem is the usage location or tower issues.  My case shows that it was the device all along.  Reporting a valid complaint to the FCC wil get you a speedy resolution.   Your complaint must be about the failure to receive data connection.  I hope this helps.  Good luck.

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                  AT&T is a whole lot worse then Verizon, I will never buy something from them again, take my word for it, the Cell Phone Signal Itself for my previous Apple IPhone 3GS was horrible, I would lose signal completely (no voice calls would be possible if I was too far away from one of their cell phone towers)!

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