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    Portable Hotspot Error Message


      I am trying to connect to my portable hotspot but I get an error message saying that it can not to AM server.  How do I get this resolved?

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          I know this doesn't solve your issue, but I'm also having an issue all of a sudden with getting the hotspot to connect without an error message. However mine says that it's connected and active when it isn't. The only time it does connect and I get the symbol in the notification bar is when I'm at home and on 4G. So hopefully someone can help out with this issue, which has only been recently that I've had the problem.

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            Have you tried clearing the cache on the applications?  Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / All Tab / Wi-Fi Hotspot / Clear Data..  This may help..

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              Yep, done all of that. Made a call into Verizon and they "spoke" with Samsung who stated that they are aware of the issue and that there is no work around at this time, but is suppose to be addressed with the next software update. Who knows when that will be. The tech did reset my hotspot feature and I will try it out later when I go to work to see if that helped. He also extended to me a $20 credit on my account and offered an opportunity to switch to a different phone. So that's where I'm at for now.

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                Sounds like time to make some decisions..  Good luck on resolving the situation quickly..