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    Yahoo Mail not working?


      I've been reading the many posts about people not being able to retrieve their Yahoo mail or Yahoo mail accounts.  It's happening on enough different phones that it's obvious it's a Verizon or Yahoo issue, and not something any of us did with our individual phones.  If we want to get things fixed, my recommendations for everyone affected are:


      1. Go to the Verizon Wireless Facebook page and post message about Yahoo Mail, and that it needs to be fixed. 


      2. If you're a Twitter user, post a message in your status about Yahoo Mail not working on @VerizonWireless.  Also include the hashtag #VerizonWireless.


      Maybe this way we'll get their attention and they'll see there's a big problem with Yahoo Mail and put some resources on the problem.

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          Verizon wouldn't have anything to do with an app-specific problem. Verizon is only a service provider. It's either a Yahoo problem (that's where I'd place my bet), or a Google problem, since they're the ones making the operating system. More than anything, it's probably just poor development on the part of the Yahoo team.


          A better question to be asking is why are you still using Yahoo? You have a Google phone; you're going to get the best reliability when you couple that with Google services.



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            I have Gmail too, but having had my Yahoo mail account for many years, it's a matter of convenience to keep it going as so  many of my contacts have that address.

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              I too am having the same issues with Yahoo mail. I have had Yahoo mail for many years and have given the address to many clients. It woud cost be a lot of time and headache to switch to google mail.