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    Worst Store Customer Service


      I just had the worst customer service experienced "ever" in a verizon store. My daughter is away to college and she was trying to upgrade her phone from a "blackberry" to an Iphone. According to the website and my local verizon store where I upgraded a phone the week prior, she had a $50 discount to upgrade. Well the problem she ran into was the store in San Diego, CA (San Diego State University) said there was no discount because it was used the week before with the earlier upgrade. My daughter called me to inform me about what they said so I asked to speak to the agent. I told the agent, that the discount was not used the week prior and I have a receipt to prove it but he kept saying it was used already. So now I am getting irritated and ask for the manager, he basically said the same thing and said it was used already (like calling me a liar). Instead of assuming the discount was used already, why not ask for a fax of the receipt from the previous purchase and everything would be solved? But instead, they kept telling me I was wrong that the discount was used already. I have been with verizon for a very long time and am seriously thinking about not upgrading my last 2 phones and going to a different network. The agent and manager clearly have no clue on how to solve any difficult situation let alone something this simple. Instead they were more interested in taking my daughters $50 regardless if they were wrong.

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          Is your daughter the account owner?  Are both lines eligible to upgrade?  Each line gets a substantial discount at 20 months into the contract; only the (former) PRIMARY line is eligible for the extra $30-$50 discount.  If another line (the primary) was upgraded, it is very possible the additional $50 was applied to THAT purchase.


          Especially if she is not the account owner, her line is not eligible for the extra $50; it would have to be transferred from the primary, and if that line was already upgraded, then it has been used.


          If i'm misunderstanding the situation, please clarify!

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            The prinmary line is my daughter with the blackberry. For the agent and manager to tell me that the discount was used up already without asking if I can provide the receipt to show that it was not used is just totally rude. Thats why I asked where did the discount go then, because she was the account (primary) holder.

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              Were both lines eligible to upgrade at the time you got the first new phone?  Each line has it's own eligibility status; if you have receipts showing that the additional discount was not applied to the first purchase, then try again at a corporate store.


              Without seeing the actual receipts and your account, we really have no way of knowing exactly what you were charged and how the upgrade discounts were applied to each of the purchases.   Perhaps a Verizon rep will see this and contact you to provide specific account information and look further into this for you.  This is a peer-to-peer support and we have no access to anyone's account - we can offer advice based on what info you have given.  I hope it all gets worked out for you.