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        I just got the phone!  I am so excited!  Now I am reading through the activation guide that came with the phone and trying to get to the point when I can plug in the phone and give a full charge before I go to the workshop, but it says I need to download the Backup Assistant for my contacts to my old phone....my old phone is not a smartphone, so is that going to work?  And can I do the steps in the Activation Guide out of order and do the contact step last?

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          Here what you Do Charge the phone Fully then go to the Work shop let them install the Sim Card Have a Google Username an Password thought Up so you can give that to Them an an when they put your info in an are done they can Transfer your Contacts from your Old phone to your New Razr Maxx But you have to have a User Name an Password So your Razr Maxx can Tall to the Google Servers..

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            I'm inserting the SIM card now, very careful not to touch the gold contacts...but do the gold contacts go in the phone facing up or down?

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              Facing up:  An to push it in all the way if you can get it done with your finger use a tooth pick cut it Blunt to push the card all the way in..

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                I put the SIM card in, with the gold contacts facing up.  I hope that is correct.  When I went to turn the phone on, everything seemed to be in order.  Right now the phone is turned off and charging, and I will be going to the workshop soon, so hopefully I will find out if something is not correct. 

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                  Yup card goes face up with phone face up. Did you feel the spring Mechanism lock the card in. it should be fully in an not sticking out.

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