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        Technically, you are right. My understanding is some people got phones in October, but mostly in November of 2010. Since Verizon generally gives you the four months before your actual two years, these people will be ready in the next three months or so.


        At T-Mobile, the Lumia 710 is one of the best selling phones.  (source: http://www.tmonews.com/2012/03/t-mobile-and-nokia-see-strong-demand-for-lumia-710/) At all carriers, Windows Phones are among the highest in customer feedback/reviews. Feedback for the Trophy is ahead of the Galaxy Nexus by half a star and equal to virtually all the other "top phones". That tells me that success has to do with sales people and not the actual quality of the phone or anything. Verizon/Sprint "waiting" is code for "we are interested in selling something else". Based on my only social circles, I would never buy an Android because everyone I know that has one tells me how buggy they are, how often they freeze, etc. My better half has an iPhone and it does nothing for me. Instead, a salesperson will tell me that ICS is vastly superior, yet the Nexus has lower ratings than anything on 2.3.X. And it's not like I don't like playing with and customizing technology... I worked in IT for a year before finding a job in the field I actually went to college for and wanted.


        That article is old... Two days after that, Nokia came out and stated they have sold well over 1 million Lumia phones. Even this article is 2 1/2 months old.



        I understand the concept of mass production, but I can't imagine if they made a day or a weeks worth of chips using CDMA over GSM that it would really make a huge difference. I'm not talking about making an entirely new Verizon-specific phone. Take something like the Samsung Focus (I'm assuming it doesn't have exclusivity like the Lumia phones) and by changing the radio, you have a phone that Verizon can use...I'm ignoring the airbrushed Verizon logo because I have to think the actual plants they are assembled at have all carriers readily available and are easy to swap. If it really costs THAT much money to change one piece of hardware for something of the same quality, but operates on a different signal I don't know how/why any of the phones you listed above EVER had a counter-part at AT&T/T-Mobile with a sibling at Sprint/Verizon. Or how the iPhone costs the same if you buy it GSM or CDMA.

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          I like a lot of things about WP7 and am sure WP8 will be even better.  I also hope it does well because then some good features could be incorporated into newer Android versions, competition often fosters innovation and everyone wins.  To Azsaluki's point though, there is this http://www.comscore.com/Press_Events/Press_Releases/2012/4/comScore_Reports_February_2012_U.S._Mobile_Subscriber_Market_Share


          I believe the same thing, that Verizon is playing a waiting game to see if the Lumia's are a boom or a bust.


          Also, in my continuing crusade against the myth that all androids are buggy,  every phone and every OS experience problems, none are exmpt.  The reason you heard so many stories about buggy droids is pure math, with over 50% of the US smartphones being android, statisically there are also going to be many more with problems.  Get a phone for what it does for you, not based on what other people say.  I personally love my HTC Rezound and wouldn't get rid of it for anything, (until I see HTC's next phone )

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