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    Upcoming NE2 upgrand and change in contract


      This forum has made me seriously nervous.  I currently have unlimited nationwide voice and text - paying 79.84 per month including all taxes, fees etc.  I have a Samsung basic phone.  I'm planning on upgrading to the iphone 4 - 8gb and switching to the 65 plus plan with 200 mins, 1000 msgs and 2gb data which will actually (if I'm figuring correctly) come out to 59. and change before taxes and fees.  My chat with a VZ rep states I'll have no problem, they haven't responded to my more detailed email yet; I'm eligible for upgrade "with additional loyalty discount" as of tomorrow, April 5th.

      I was going to order on-line, but after reading some of these posts I'm a bit worried - would I be better of going to my local physical VZ store?  Will I get the same discounts? - If my understanding is correct I can buy the phone for 99.99 less my discount which will be either 30 or 50 dollars.  Will VZ transfer my contacts from my old phone to the new one for me?


      Any thoughts or advice will be most welcome,

      Thanks in advance,


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          You can get the same deals online as in the store when dealing with Verizon Corporate.  Are you talking about the iPhone4 or iPhone4S?  The iPhone4 is showing $99.99, less your $30 "loyalty" (your base plan (without data) must be greater than $79.99 for the $50 discount).


          I've ordered online, and I've gone into my local store (be sure it is a CORPORATE store, not an "authorized reseller" to be SURE things go as smoothly as possible).  Online ordering with or without a rep has been pretty straightforward. 


          As far as your contacts go, if you are using BUA (Backup Assistant) on your current phone, the contacts will transfer when you install BUA on the iPhone.  My daughter had no problems when she upgraded from her EnV3 to an iPhone4 last August.


          Post back if you have further questions....

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            Thanks Suzy - I'm not using BUA so I may have to re-enter them into the new phone .  How do they handle the change in contract? I mean my current two years runs another 4mths, but I'll have to start a new one with the upgraded phone.  I intend to change my plan from unlimited nationwide to 450 nationwide plus 2gb data so the price will stay roughly the same.

            I'll check on the local store to see if it's Corporate or "Authorized"

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              Change in contract is pretty simple, you just have a new contract that expires 2 years from the day you sign it, and 20 months from now you can do this all over again!  By using your upgrade as soon as you become eligible, you effectively shorten your contract term by 4 months - you start a NEW contract when you upgrade and the old is finished and done.


              The 2GB data works well for my daughter, who has the iPhone4.  She uses about 1 GB a month, sometimes a little more, but she hasn't yet come close to going over her 2 GB allowance.  We do have wi-fi at home, which helps, I'm sure (she listens to Pandora ALL THE TIME here at home) but otherwise she's using Verizon's network when she's working and out and about (she's 20, if that adds anything to the discussion!!)


              Good luck to you, and enjoy the iPhone!

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                Thanks Suzy,

                Your posts have been very helpful indeed.  I hope to get to the store today as I just checked and it is a Corporate Store.  Really looking forward to using the iPhone - hope all goes smoothly.

                I'll post again with my experience either way.